Outdoor Family Photography | Paris, ON Family Photographer

Outdoor Family Photography | Adorable Family { Paris, ON Family Photographer }

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet baby girl just after she was born.  Her birthday falls right around Christmas so when it came to celebrating her first birthday we decided to head outdoors and braved the cooler temperatures in November. I love outdoor family photography so I always encourage families to brave the cold so we can capture more laid back and fun images of them altogether.  Mama wanted the images for her birthday invitations which is why we held it early. We captured some adorable images of her alone with some balloons and fun props mama brought. The rocking chair was a gift from her auntie and I thought it was so amazing to have it as part of her session.  I love personal touches that families bring in for their sessions.

Here are some of my favourites images from our slightly chilly but super adorable outdoor family photography session:

Family Photographer Paris, ONFamily Photographer Paris, ONFamily Photographer Paris, ON

Sweet baby Adrianna has the cutest cheeks on her! She was a little chilly so the smiles were tough to come by but when you look this adorable, smiles don’t matter.

Family Photographer Paris, ONFamily Photographer Paris, ONFamily Photographer Paris, ON

I always love this type of image. It’s sweet to capture the child / children alone yet still showing the connection to their family members.  My goal is to capture the natural connection between family members.

Family Photographer Paris, ON

Family Photographer Paris, ON

Big kisses for mama. This one melts my heart <3  As does the one below with her & her daddy!

Family Photographer Paris, ONOutdoor Family Photography sessions book all year long. Sessions can take place in Paris, ON / surrounding area or I also travel to sessions on location! To schedule your session, please use the “CONTACT” form above to send an email or send me an email directly to kellytemplephotography@live.ca or call / text 519-717-7002.

Along with outdoor family photography sessions we also specialize in maternity, newborn, older baby, child and sibling photography.  For the most up-to-date information on sessions and specials please follow us on Facebook.

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Maternity and Newborn Photography | { Kitchener, ON Photographer }

Maternity and Newborn Photography | Kitchener, ON Photographer

This beautiful mama-to-be got in touch with me asking about maternity and newborn photography.  I definitely do both and love taking outdoor maternity photos so much!! She was due in just over a couple of weeks so we hurried to book her outdoor photos in the gorgeous November light to take these stunning images. Mama provided her own outfits for this maternity session, but I also have gowns and outfits that can be used. She brought her own amazing tops and wraps and they looked beautiful on her!
Mama braved the cooler weather but it was well worth it for these lovely images.  When it came to the photo of her in the flower scarf I asked if she was okay going into the thicker grass area and her response was, “I grew up in the bush!” I love that she was brave and up for anything <3

Baby girl was born only a week after we took the photos above. She came a tad bit earlier than expected and was just a little peanut. Mama loves all of the wraps and wanted her good and snuggly throughout the photos. I am so happy to provide a gallery full of images in different wraps and poses.  Mama enjoyed our *ahem* extensive newborn headband collection.  I have a little buying problem when it comes to headbands and she had fun “shopping” in our collection.
I did ask mom if she was up for one hat because I thought purple looks just so perfect on this sweet girl.  I’m so glad I did because it does look quite lovely.

I adore following a mama’s journey from pre-pregnancy maternity photos to the newborn session. It’s so fun to capture baby before and after birth.

Headbands provided by Myrtle & Moss Props, & Signature Studio Props

We offer both in-studio and outdoor maternity sessions all year long. Our “Regular” and “Full” newborn sessions include a complimentary maternity mini session with 4 digital images included. Maternity sessions are best photographed from about 32-36 weeks to allow for a great size belly but while mama is still somewhat comfortable.  Newborn sessions are best photographed in the first 2 weeks of life, when possible. Booking your newborn session ahead of time allows for the best chance of securing an early session spot. If you have an “older” newborn – 2 weeks or above – newborn photos are not out of the question and can still be done! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at all.

Along with maternity and newborn photography, we also specialize in older baby sessions, birthday and cake smash sessions, sibling and family photography. To schedule your session please use the “CONTACT” link above or send an email to kellytemplephotography@live.ca or call/text 519-717-7002

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Wrapped Newborn Session | Paris, Ontario Newborn Photographer

Sweet Baby Aurora | Paris, Ontario Newborn Photographer

This sweet girl came to see me. She was a little princess for me – she slept like a dream AND she has a princess name! Miss Aurora was sheer perfection.  She did love being all wrapped up and cozy, but who doesn’t!? I tend to lean toward nice poses where baby is snugly wrapped. This allows them to feel secure and happy and warm! Most babies love to be all bundled up. Our wrapped newborn photography package still allows for stunning images of your little one while (mostly) being wrapped. If baby is happily sleeping and is content to be unwrapped we also take some unwrapped poses. Here is a great example of a wrapped newborn photography session here:

I love how this session was all things classy and princess-esque. She rocked the pinks and flowers.  Plus I am totally in love with this headband on her.
Floral headband by: Swittle Designs
Amazing curly layer piece by: Buttercup Baby Props

Okay. There are a few things that make my heart go pitter patter as a newborn photographer { Paris, Ontario }. Some of my top items include: milk bubbles on baby’s nose, milk blisters on baby’s lips and baby smiles….oh and my favourite is baby rolls <3  This baby smile makes my heart flutter.

When Aurora was in for her session I had JUUUST gotten this entire set. I love the colour and it suits her just perfectly. We take the stress off of you and provide all of the beautiful props and items you see. Only bring things in if you want….but we have a TON of headbands, hats, wraps, backdrops, bowls, fluffy goodness, etc.
Bowl, fluffy, wrap & headband set by Luneberry Photography Props

When grandma booked this session and told me baby’s name was that of a princess, I knew I had to do something that incorporated such a classy princess name.  Little Miss Aurora wearing her sweet tiny crown. I’m all for dainty and classic props and headbands.
This one was made for me by the lovely women at Itzy Bitzy Glitzy in Brantford, ON

 Mama wasn’t planning on getting images of her and her girl taken but I convinced her to do so while here and I am so glad I did!  I love these images and I know Miss Aurora will adore them when she gets older. I wish I had images like this of me & my mama together <3

If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session { Paris, Ontario Newborn Photographer } please contact Kelly (that’s ME!). You can get in touch with me via the “contact” button above. OR, send an email to kellytemplephotography@live.ca OR call / text 519-717-7002 to chat about your appointment needs.  Newborn sessions often book in advance before baby is born, but I can often squeeze in a session for babies who have already arrived.  Newborn sessions are best within the first 2 weeks of life, but please still contact me with your “older” baby inquiries and we can go over some options for you.

We also specialize in Older Baby Photography, Cake Smash / Birthday Photography, Family Photography, Maternity Photography and Child / Siblings.
Please visit us on Facebook for the most up-to-date sessions at www.facebook.com/kellytemplephoto

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Julia & Mark – Outdoor Family Photographer | {Kitchener Area Family Photographer }

Outdoor Family Photographer – Kitchener Area Family Photographer

Welcome fall!! I adore outdoor fall family photo sessions. This is the time of year where the air is crisp and the light is deliciously warm.  I love being outdoors when the kids and whole families can act more at ease and let loose and have some fun together.  This family has been coming to see me for a couple of years – all the holiday minis and their annual outdoor photos. I’m so glad to have met them and am thankful they come back over and over.  I feel like their kids have grown so much in just the last year and a bit – it is crazy what summer does…children always seem to grow a ton over the summer months and when I see them again in the fall they are all huge!

As an outdoor family photographer {Kitchener and surrounding area}, I am always scouting for beautiful locations.  Regardless of how complex or simple a location is, the key ingredient is light. And this amazing field tucked away has the most beautiful light as well as a pretty backdrop.  Here are some of my favourites from Julia & Mark’s outdoor family photography session:

I love the colours that this family put together – they look amazing with the pop of pink!

Sibling photos can be tough. However, these two always take such sweet photos together.  I am not going to lie, I also have a photo of them attempting to tackle each other in between all of these cute images, but a family session wouldn’t be complete without some sibling fun <3

Seriously. My heart strings.

A boy and his mama snuggles….they are never too old or too big for a nice hug from mom <3

I always love to take photos of each parent with the kids…I like to think that the kids will love and appreciate all of these different photos as they get older.  I don’t have many photos of myself with my parents so those that we do have are cherished and are still out on display in our home.


I love this age – so grown up yet still so little and sweet.

I love the fact that this field space is diverse and we only have to walk a few feet over to find such different looking space and light.  We get to have some fun in the more “open” spaces and I love that the wildflowers grow so perfectly around the area.

I always make sure to take photos of just mom & dad together at the end.  Not only is it because they probably haven’t had a good photo of the two of them taken in forever (some people since their wedding) but because it is important for their Littles to see them together, smiling and oh so happy in print.  I loved looking through the albums of my parent’s wedding photos and hope these images make it into the keepsake albums and are shared and loved year after year.

If you are interested in booking an outdoor family photography session we are continuing to book weekday and weekend morning and late afternoon session times.  Our October calendar is filling fast, but we still have session spots available during prime fall season.  Please contact us via the “contact” section or by calling 519-717-7002 to book your session time.  We also specialize in studio sessions including newborn, older baby milestone sessions, cake smash and birthday photography and older child sessions.

Be sure to keep up with our latest session posts on Facebook!


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Twin Donut Smash! { Paris, ON Photographer }

Twin Donut Smash  |  Paris, ON Baby & Milestone Photographer

Birthday sessions are amongst some of my favourites to photograph. It’s amazing to see children grow and develop and I adore capturing their milestones to show that change and to freeze that moment in time via photos.  When the mama of these sweet twin girls asked me about a cake smash session, I was thrilled!  We chatted about some ideas and she wanted something a bit different. We ended up at a donut smash session.  This is the first time I’ve photographed on and man was it fun.  It was also wonderful because I ordered 24 donuts (which was WAY more than needed) so we could all indulge a little afterwards!!

When I went to pick up the donuts, one of the workers at the bakers said, “Oooh you’re picking up the Simpon’s Donuts!”  I hadn’t even put that together. When I told mom she said that was EXACTLY what she was going for lol. I love it!  So, here is our twin donut smash (with Simpson’s themed donuts….but some cuter background décor).  It was impossible to narrow it down too much since there were so many adorable images, so here they are:


I love when babies use their feet to help the destruction along.


Here sister, let me help you with that….not sure if this was an attempt at feeding or if she was trying to beat up her sister but it sure is adorable!


This is one of my favourites. She stole her sister’s spoon and attacked the donuts!


As we often find with twins, one has a much more outgoing personality than the other. Twin on the left side is far more giggly and smiley than her more serious sister.  Both are adorable and I think they had fun plotting to destroy the donuts together.


These girls are so adorable even with pink icing dripping down their chins 😉


Those poor donuts didn’t stand a chance….


I love this last image with her hands on her hips like, “Well, we showed those donuts whose boss!”

If you are interested in booking a cake smash or donut smash session, do not hesitate to contact us today.  Sessions spots fill quickly each month. We also specialize in newborn, older baby milestones, cake smash, family and maternity photography.  Please follow us on Facebook for our more up to date image shares and specials!

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