Birthday Pizza Smash | Lilly Turns 2! { Paris, ON Child Photographer }

Birthday Pizza Smash | Second Birthday Photography { Paris, Ontario Photographer }

When Lilly’s mom first sent me a message about a Birthday Pizza Smash I was a little bit surprised. I normally stick to cake and donuts but she explained a little further: She wants to capture Lilly eating her favourite food for each of her birthdays as a way to celebrated and remember that stage in her life. I think it is such a fun idea and was happy to plan it out with her…I mean, who doesn’t love pizza?!

She sent me ideas of what she wanted for colours. Lilly’s favourite colours are purpled and gold. We figured out a way to incorporate all of her favourites into this session as a great memory.

I love to think that Lilly will have these images to look back on as she gets older. Studies show that children gain self-confidence when they are able to view themselves in photographs as they grow up. It’s a great reason to display your images. You get to enjoy them in the present and your children will get to enjoy them for years to come. Plus, all of the images that leave this studio include one print so you always have a hard-copy and the photo in digital format to share and prints as you’d like.

Here are just a handful of my favourites from Lilly’s 2nd birthday pizza smash session:

As with any birthday session we take “clean” photos before the food eating begins. This adorable dress is part of my collection of dresses I have here that fit children ages 3 months to 6 years.
She looks like a doll here <3
I love how excited she is about her birthday pizza smash! I feel this way about food too 😉
Equally as excited about the stars…she does love purple!!
The studio smelled so good with the pizza & crazy bread. Yummy!
Pizza, crazy bread, purple and gold stars and some balloons made Lilly one happy birthday girl! I mean, what’s better than a birthday pizza smash?!

If you are interested in booking a birthday celebratory photo session please contact me. You can use the CONTACT button at the top of the page or get in touch with me the following ways:

Email |
Phone or text | 519-717-7002

Be sure to follow me on Facebook for all the latest photos and session specials!

All birthday sessions can be photographed with or without a food portion. All decorations, outfits and cake / donuts are included. I take care of all of the details so you just have to show up with your baby – with as little stress as leaving the house with a one or two year old allows.

I also specialize in maternity & newborn photography, in-studio and outdoor family photography, extended family photography and older baby / sitter milestone photography. Please inquire for more information. I look forward to chatting with you and planning your session details!

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Baby Aspin | Kitchener Newborn Photographer

A Beautiful Baby Girl | { Kitchener Newborn Photographer }

I get to see and snuggle a lot of newborns. I’m super lucky and I honestly believe I have a wonderful job. Baby Aspin was absolutely delectable. She was so good and chubby and just downright adorable….plus, she slept for me the ENTIRE time she was here. The entire session took place in under 1.5 hours (which for a newborn session – that’s fast!) and we had an amazing audience with her two older sisters who were passing by after their exams at school and her “big” bro who had just turned two. She just slept on and let me do my thing!

As a newborn photographer { Kitchener Newborn Photographer } I own so many props and we had fun using a bunch of them during this session. Sometimes deciding what to use and put babies in and on is the hardest part. Mom was happy with just about anything but requested purples as her favourite colour and I happily obliged. I had a few new stunning items – one of which had just arrived that day – that I couldn’t wait to use. My prop collection is a little bit awesome (even if my husband thinks it is out of control) and I have beautiful hand made goodness to fit anyone’s preference of colours or style. The best part about you coming to my studio space is there is so much to select from and you get to help me make choices along the way – plus the mess stays here and I don’t have to take over your home with all of the things.

Moving on…here are just some of Aspin’s gorgeous images from her gallery.

She had the most amazing rolls…I love when babies have rolls on their wrists. At under 2 weeks new, she was deliciously chubby already <3
A little side view of those baby rolls!!
I like to include a mix of hats, headbands, and wraps to add some interest to the session. There are so many beautiful and dainty items here made specifically to fit brand new babies so they look perfect on.
I just love her little toes sticking out <3
This image has been my Facebook Group’s profile photo for awhile…I just love it so much. Those cheeks and the purple…the way she is holding the little teddy bear so perfectly. I just love it.
Purple was such a great colour for her!!
This stunning knit blanket & headband (and the hat below) is from AGK Props – a local vendor who makes so many beautiful things.
Another favourite…can we just appreciate that tiny little pouty lip for a moment…one thing that I love as much as baby rolls is pouty lips haha
Babies in floral is life. Love this so much!

Newborn sessions are photographed in my in-home studio space located in Paris, ON (serving Brantford, Brant, Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton, Guelph, Burlington and all surrounding areas) . I have oodles of stunning props that fit your favourite colour scheme and preferences. To book your newborn session, or to inquire about availability, please use the “contact” link at the top of the page or get in touch with me:
email |
phone / text | 519-717-7002

Newborn sessions are best when booked before baby’s arrival but there is often space to book you in if baby is already Earth side. I recommend photographing babies between 8-18 days but it is never “too late” and I happily accept “older” babies.

I look forward to chatting with your more about your newborn session.

I also specialize in Older Baby Milestone sessions including cake-smash birthday photography, studio and outdoor maternity and family photography, and older child / siblings as well as professional head shots.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Baby Sawyer – 6 Month Milestone Session

Baby Sawyer: 6 Month Milestone Session
{ Burlington Baby Photographer }

This fall I took on having a Co-op student from our local high school. She was a lovely addition to our quiet home business. During the busy seasons, she helped me go through images, package prints, and she even got to meet some of my lovely clients while assisting in sessions. For her final project, she needed to “teach her teacher” how to do something that we have done here throughout the term. She decided to cull images (sort the keepers). In order to do that I “HAD” to take photos of my little guy. So, this is Sawyer. He is my super sweet and smiley baby. He is all smiles until my light flashes at him and then it is pretty serious. Thankfully, he gave me some adorable grins. This post shows some of his 6 Month Milestone Session – this is my favourite age / stage to capture!

A lot of people say to me, “I bet you have the most amazing photos of your children!” The truth is, I do. But not because I take them. Over the years, my husband and I have invested thousands of dollars into professional photography. I find it difficult to photography my own kids (and it is obviously VERY tough to photograph us as a family). Plus, I feel deep guilt spending the time culling and editing photos that are not paid work since I always have something around to finish up and deliver to a paying client. I try to photograph them on their birthdays and always take photos of them at Christmas. Outside of that, I have hired photographers for all 3 newborns (I didn’t even take a photo of Sawyer with my real camera until he was four months – so much mom shame), we hire photographers for family portraits each year, etc. It is the best investment I can make into our family memories. My children love looking back at all of their photos and photo books!

Here are a few images of Sawyer looking all adorable and sweet in his 6 Month Milestone Session that I’m so glad I “HAD” to take 🙂

I could just nom nom those cheeks. He is definitely our chunkiest monkey with the most delicious cheeks ever.
Every baby should wear a fur hooded romper at some point. They are just too darn cute <3
Romper by Pup & Frank Props 
Those toes are pretty fascinating.
He was busting out of this outfit but it goes to show we have outfits that fit babies of all sizes and in many different styles. I made this one so I wanted him to wear it for a few photos.
I had just gotten this outfit off of another photographer and HAD to try it. Once I saw the photos in Post-Processing all I could see is Backstreet Boys circa 1998 (and once you see it, you can’t un-see it)
“Quit playing games with my heart…”
He is like, “oh mom, you’re so ridiculous” in this one <3
This guy has been sitting since he was 5 months old, and has been rolling from back to belly since before then. But, he loathes his belly yet hasn’t figure out how to roll back the other way (even at almost 8 months old he can’t go from belly to back…). We are betting he stays a bum shuffler and never crawls the traditional on the knees way.
This beautiful face has completed our family in a way we didn’t even know we were missing. We are so blessed and I am glad I got to take these photos of him. I need more excuses to capture this sweet boy.

Sitter / Milestone sessions are a perfect time to capture your baby. The 4-10 month age bracket is a fun time to photograph those sweet smiles and to showcase their personalities that are starting to bud. If you are interested in booking a 6 Month Milestone Session (or anywhere from 4 months and up) please send me an email or give me a call or follow the contact section above:

e |
p | 519 – 717 – 7002

Special Milestone Mini Days are held every 4 – 6 weeks. Our next event dates are:
Monday, Jan. 28th
Wednesday, Feb. 27th

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Aria Turns 2!! | 2nd Birthday Donut Smash { Hamilton Birthday Photographer }

Aria Turns 2!  |  2nd Birthday Donut Smash
Boho Rustic Donut Smash
Hamilton area Birthday Photographer

When Aria’s mama asked if I would capture some photos to celebrate Aria’s 2nd birthday, I was excited.  We had a cake smash session for her 1st birthday last year, so it was fun to have her come back again.  Knowing 2 year olds are not always the most still or agreeable little people, I wanted to suggest something more than just the usual studio photos. I tried to figure out a way to keep her more entertained than just coming in, sitting on a few props and capturing those photos.  We decided a donut smash would be a fantastic way to celebrate Aria’s 2nd birthday.  I mean, who doesn’t love donuts? They were freshly made and still warm when I picked them up.  I’m thankful she shared with me when the session was over.

A 2nd Birthday Donut Smash Session seemed great since Miss Aria just happens to love eating donuts. When we put the tray down in front of her, her face lit up and then she looked around to make sure she was actually allowed to dive into them!  Mom wanted a more Boho Rustic theme and I think it all came together perfectly.

Here are a few of my favourites from Aria’s 2nd Birthday Donut Smash Session:


She thought sneezes were hilarious! I love when kids actually find me funny <3


She started out by testing the donuts out. My daughter likes to lick off all the icing and leave the donut part too – I love the mentality of a toddler because they only do what they like best.


A mouthful of goodness. Thank you to Paris Bakery { Paris, ON } for the delectable and downright pretty donuts for this 2nd Birthday Donut Smash Session.
Credit for the cute little flower bouquets goes to McCormick’s Florist Shop  { Paris, ON }
Adorable outfit by Pup & Frank Photography Props


Big bite. Yummy!


Would I like a bite? Why yes please, thank you for asking Miss Aria!


To me, this looks like an amazing snack plate. My pregnant lady self was slightly tortured with the smell of these donuts around the studio. I’m glad we had a few that we kept safely in the box as “back up” to eat after the session was over.


I love how she started stacking the donuts up in a tower…little bite marks throughout the pile.

Hamilton_area_birthday_photographerI love this angle for photos. I always try to get an image from above. It shows the damage to the cake or donuts and I think it’s such a cute perspective.  I try to get different looks and angles for you to select from your final gallery.  If you don’t love it, you don’t have to pick it in the end.

If you are interested in learning more about our Cake Smash or Donut Smash session for 1st or 2nd birthday please contact us.  You can use the contact button at the top of this page or the following information:
phone / text: 519-717-7002
All 1st and 2nd donut smashes and cake smashes are custom designed to suit your colour and theme preferences. We work together to plan out and design the session then the rest is up to me! I provide all of the décor, balloons, cake or donuts and outfits.  I aim to make the session as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is bring me your baby.  We have outfits for pre-cake photos as well as the smash portion.  I look forward to chatting more about your session!
We also specialize in maternity, newborn, outdoor family, older baby and child photography and milestone photography.

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Little Miss Katheryn | 6 Month Photo Session { Kitchener area photographer }

Little Miss Katheryn  |  6 Month Photo Session
Kitchener, ON area photographer

Miss Katheryn and her family are part of our Baby’s First Year program. I started photographing her while she was still in her mama’s belly.  We took maternity photos of her mom as well as Katheryn’s newborn photos.  Her family has been included in the images all along. Her big brother’s are always invited to take a few images with her and it’s nice to capture the entire family together at each milestone session.  I’m looking forward to capturing Katheryn’s first birthday session. Mom already has an exciting theme in mind – Beauty & The Beast (which just happens to be my favourite Disney movie so I’m a little excited for that to happen).

For Katheryn’s 6 month photo session we had fun dressing her up in outfits mama brought from home as well as outfits we provide in studio.  I just adore the way she looks in the sweet little grey mouse outfit. And that cute backdrop with all of the flowers? Well, I forgot I had that and I got it out for her session….am I ever glad I did!!  Since she is the third baby and the first girl, her mom loves the pinks and flowers. What a fun session to capture this little one’s 6 month milestone.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Katheryn’s 6 month photo session:

Kitchener milestone photographer

Katheryn’s mama brought this cute little outfit to celebrate her “Half Birthday”.  Families are encouraged to bring their own outfits or use any of ours we have in studio….I have a shopping problem so there are plenty to select from. Also, some families do a combination of their outfits and ours. The choice is completely yours!

Kitchener milestone photographerKitchener milestone photographer

This little mouse outfit is from the most wonderful Pup & Frank Photography Props.
Bed is by Do-It-Herself-Props

Kitchener milestone photographer

I always love when babies sit so cutely in bowls. It looks so cute and they often like to play drums on the side of the bowl. We have tons of smiles and giggles together.

Kitchener milestone photographer

Another outfit full of adorable goodness from Pup & Frank Photography Props

Kitchener milestone photographerThose big brown eyes are just too darn sweet.  I love the gummy little smiles and the excited facial expressions at this age.

If you are interested in scheduling your own 6 month photo session (or around the time your sweet Little can sit up on their own) we offer Milestone sessions that can be booked on a day that is convenient for you.  We are always flexible with times to ensure your baby gets in for a session during their happiest time.  Be sure to contact us using the “CONTACT KELLY” button at the top of the page. Or, get in touch using any of these methods:

phone / text: 519-717-7002

Our Paris, ON in-home studio is located close to the 403 and is easy to get to from surrounding areas.  We provide adorable outfits and a variety of sets and props.

Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date specials and events.

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