About Kelly (that’s me!!)

Hmmm, what can I tell you about me? Well, my name is Kelly Temple and I am a mom, a wife, a music lover, a knitter, a baker of yummy cookies and breads (but it ends there, I’m useless with the fancy stuff!), an avid reader, as well as a photographer. I am mainly self-taught, although I attend seminars, read books, magazines, etc., and work closely with other photographers in order to learn & grow at photography. In the past couple of years, my talent has grown into something I am proud of, and love to share with others. As I continue to grow, and as my new business grows with me, you will see changes in my style, changes in my subjects and hopefully more and more improvements!

Along with being a photographer, I am also a certified teacher. I majored in History and minored in Sociology & English at the University of Guelph, and then attended the University of Ottawa for Teacher’s College. Currently, I am in my sixth year of teaching and working as a part-time supply teacher for Grand Erie School Board and Six Nations Schools. I have a few other odd jobs, as well…needless to say, I keep myself busy.

Photography for me, is my non-grown up job 🙂 It allows me to have fun, express my creativity and to meet some very wonderful people. It connects me with other photographers and allows me to grow as a person on a daily basis. I learn so much about the mechanics of my camera, the environment around me, and, of course, the lovely subjects I am photographing (it sounds strange if I type “shooting”). I spent a year in the classroom and missed photography considerably. I enjoy working part time at both of my professions – it keeps my soul balanced and completely content!

I believe that photos don’t have to be fancy in order to be beautiful. There is beauty in simplicity. I strive to keep my work timeless and classic while still being creative. I don’t think you have to put newborn babies into all kinds of crazy poses to achieve stunning images and I don’t think you have to make kids be anything but themselves to get those great big smiles or to capture those shy but perfect glances. When I photograph, I’m patient and particular, but I also allow subjects to be themselves so that it shines through in my images. I hope you are able to see all of this in my images on this website.

Kelly - Hi Roger,
I just saw this comment today and it made my day. Thank you for taking the time to write such kind words. It was a pleasure working with your family and having the opportunity to capture you sweet baby girl. She’s so beautiful. I hope to see you again in the future as she grows 🙂
Thank you again,

Roger - At first, we couldn’t decide where to take our baby daughter’s for professional pictures, but when I found you by luck on the internet, I couldn’t have been in better hands. Our photos end up just as sharp and creative like the rest of them you posted up on your sites. I think working p/t in your professions and keeping your soul balanced and content made you good in what you do and hopefully you can capture our baby’s picture more as she grows up!

Brandie - We love working with you Kelly! Even though we’ve had multiple sessions, each time the pictures are so different and beautiful! You’re great at what you do! 🙂

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