Angelo & Zeina | Marking 3 Years Married!! {Hamilton Family Photography}

Zeina contacted me at the begining of December to talk about the idea of a surprise photo session for her husband for them to share together on their 3rd wedding anniversary.  Zeina was looking for something laid back and fun, and outdoors in the snow! I love studio work, but outdoors is my favourite, with so much variety and the challenge of working with the elements (like freezing cold temperatures lol).  Zeina suggested going to Unionville, which is a quaint little area with a lovely park and some neat buildings.  Since it was a holiday, it wasn’t that busy, although it was a little cold. We managed to photograph for about an hour before poor Zeina lost all feeling in her fingers.  Regardless of the cold, it was a blast! I really enjoyed this session!  Here are some of my favourites:

It was so nice of the ducks to show up for the photo session….I love when I call in things like this, and it works out LOL

Most of the businesses in the area were closed, so that gave us the chance to use their surrounding areas…I carry light, so I’m able to run fast…just in case 😉

Most of the time, when I say, “try to knock so-and-so off your back”, the significant others don’t take me QUITE so literally! I think this was Angelo’s favourite part…and he sure did get Zeina off!  There were lots of laughs throughout the whole session, they are such a fun couple!

There was this cool little park area beside a huge pavillion. There were some really neat trees there, but also this random sphere with some other statues….oh and a mini wheat field 🙂  I thought it would be neat to use the reflection on the sphere to take a few photos!

Thank you, you two, for being adventerous in the cold with me! I had a great time and hope you love your images.  The cold really allowed for us to share a nice hot beverage after and sit and chat, which was a nice treat, as well! Thanks again 🙂

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