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Little M & Baby H | Sibling Session

I love taking photos of siblings together.ย  I find that the older sibling is always so proud of their little brother or sister. This session did not disappoint. This little girl was so proud to show off her new little brother. She’s a wonderful big sister, and I can tell she’s a huge help to […]

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M Chan - They are adorable! Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing!

Jon - Awesome photos!

the kids look great!

Bram Noakes - The photos were really nice. I think Little M would make a good teacher some day. The pictures of Baby H were nicely done.
Uncle Bram

Jaymie - Seriously cute pictures – love the glasses set, such a funny prop!

Sharon Faustini - The photogrphy is amazing. So realistic and natural. Great ideas. Gotta love M & H . Great grandchildren.

Cathy Bray - Wonderful memories!!! Beautiful children too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bill Balazs - cute pictures

Leigh Anne Titmus - great picture. I like the ones with M and H

Leigh Anne Titmus - Great picture

Carolyn Faulkner - They are really lovely photographs, they both look so gorgeous xx

Dana - Super cute pictures!!!!

Kayla - Awe!! Rachel!! They are beautiful !! I can’t even pick a favorite one!!

Ken Garland - They are very nice pictures, They seem to get along well with each other, that is good. Take care.

David George - The grand kids are so cute!

Virginia Kershaw - Great photos.. M is such a haM… lol.. great memories of the kids from these ages… fantastic photography skills…

Lora Faustini - Sooo cute! Love the ones of Maddy in the glasses!

Dominic St Pierre - great job! the colour and contrast is excellent!

what a cute pair of kids! i love the expression with the glasses and the finger pointing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachel Titmus - Kelly the photos are AMAZING!!! You did an awesome job!! Thanks so much.

Kelly - I’ve never noticed the date. I don’t think it’s wrong, it just is in a weird order with month, day year rather than day, month, year. I have changed it to a more standard date though, that will display from now on with the month in word form. I think it looks nicer that way. Thank you for the suggestion ๐Ÿ™‚

Roger Woods - Lovely photographs – don’t they grow up so quick.

Dennis Garlow - Cute kids. They are a great kids to be around and have around. Little M loves her brother and treats him well as shown in the pictures. Good work capturing their private moments together.

Love, Papa.

liz.elson - wrong date on the comments it should be 19-07-2011.

Ginger Smith - Very enjoyable to look at. “M” did look like she has attitude (like her mom I guess). Excellent pictures of sister and brother.

liz.elson - lovely photos, both of them could be models in the near future’

Laura Hill - Adorable photos! Love the glasses. They look so much like their mommy!

Kim Hill - I love how relaxed and natural these photos are. They capture their little personalities so well!! I love the one where M is being the school Marm. Totally stylin’ glasses girly.

SANDRA GARLOW - The photos are amazing. You did a fantastic job!!

One Big Family Photo Session | Elora, ON

I came from a small family. I grew up with one brother and a total of 0 cousins. My mom has an older brother who doesn’t have any children, and then it was just my brother and myself while we were growing up. My mom raised us on her own (until she remarried when I […]

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Jennifer Clark - I have some of the best family ever and these guys top the charts for me! The pictures look awesome and the kids all look so cute! Great job Kelly!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jordan Fagin - What an amazing family! Each child gorgeous. What a great family my sister married into. She is very lucky to be a part of something so special.

Ruth-ann - Love these pictures. Trudy you have such a great looking family and oh my, my, my sooooo many cute little ones!!

Trudy Vervoort - We LOVE the pictures, paul and I are so happy to have a picture of the two of us that we actaully love and ‘want’ to frame and put up in our house!!

jason - I’m glad that we have pictures of my grandparents they were really pleased with them.

KRIS VERVOORT - Awesome pictures i really love the ones of the girls in the petty rompers! adorable!!

Jenny Vervoort - Thanks so much Kelly! The pictures are awesome1 Can’t wait to print them!!

Crystal Swift - Amazing pictures!

Devon Denehy - Wow what an amazing group of people! ๐Ÿ™‚ beautiful children

Pam Fagin - Awesome picture of an awesome family!! This must have been a very interesting experience getting all these great shots. Love them all!!

Margaret Vervoort - Awesome pictures Kelly!!

Angel - Great pictures, Kelly! All of them I just adore the out door shoots ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby ‘A’ Turns 1 | Smash Cake Celebrations!

Let me just start this blog post with a great big SIGH!ย  Posting this session just reminds me how quickly a year can go by.ย  This family and this little guy are so awesome! Every time they come in for a session we laugh and laugh. The whole thing started with his mamma, who answered […]

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Budh - Adorable. Amazing work

Mili - Love love love this little munchkin!!
can’t believe he is already a year old!!
great pictures, love all his expressions that were captured on film.

Auntie Tina - Kelly,
These pictures look absolutely AMAZING!
They always seem to leave me with a HUGE smile on my face!
You always capture Aidan’s every expression,and everyone knows,there are a lot!
You have done an amazing job capturing his first year!

Job Well Done! ๐Ÿ˜€

mommy - Kelly they look amazing im so happy with them… Thanks so much for the work that you have done over the last year. You have done so much for my family cant thank you enough.

Auntie Amanda - OMG Kelly they turned out amazing as always. I see an Auntie session in our future. You have an amazing talent and we thank you for sharing it with us all.
See you soon, Amanda

Baby ‘N’ | 8 days old!

ย Baby ‘N’ is a mere 8 days old. He still has the new baby smell and is simply adorable.ย  I had the chance to take his mamma’s maternity photos about a month ago…it’s always fun getting to meet them afterwards!ย  This family is special to us.ย  Amy (mamma) is my husband’s step-sister. I hadn’t had […]

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Veronica La Marra - omg these pictures are adorable, you have such a beautiful family!!!

Sarah M - Kelly,

I have known Amy since we were kids and I too also enjoy the art of photography (and give credit where due). These picutres are amazing. They are so in their element and I am sure that Dan just adores the baseball pic! The way you captured the girls with the lil guy are truly pics worth a 1000 words; it truly dipicts the love that is in Amy’s home.

Nikki O'Keefe - Beautiful Pictures!! What a beautiful looking family!!

Victoria Laidlow - SO CUTE!!!!

Liz Brooks - These pics turned out amazing, i’m so happy for the two of you. Such a beautiful family.

BTW, i love the ones with the different hats, he’s so precious.

Nancy - Beautiful pics!!! Everyone looks awesome!

Paula Turner - The pictures are so precious… love them!

Jennifer Rose - Amazing pictures of a beautiful family!

Samantha Ypma - Pics turned out so good love you guys!

Nelson A - Excellent pictures, great family, magnificent photographer

HEATHER JANSEN - Great photos! Nolan and family are beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

brooke - sooooo cute

Lyle Dunn - WOW!!…Very Nice Pictures. These are Fantastic ! Amy your Baby is so cute, Congratulations…and the Pictures you had taken are Stunning.

Dawn - Amy and family are one of my families best friends, we are more than excited to welcome little baby “N” to the family!!! He is such a beautiful addition to an already wonderful family. Can’t wait to meet him in person (we live about 8 hours away) . What incredible photos of a family overflowing with love!! Congrats guys!
Love always, Chrus, Dawn and Madison Hart

joanne joyes - nolan is soooooooo cute he will need a hair cut soon great pics love love love them all ๐Ÿ™‚

Cathy - These pictures are wonderful!!! i love the baseball picture!!

LISA MACQUEEN - Too Cute! Beautiful pictures!!!!

Gianna - These family pictures are just great, Nolan is to0o cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Vanessa La Marra - I love your family!!!! you guys look so great. Nolan is so adorable, he’s going to love having two big sisters!!

Shelley Allen - Pictures are wonderful… The family looks great….Really love the baseball glove shot.

Meagan - These Pictures are beautiful!!!!