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Great Expectations | 34 Weeks { Maternity Photography Kitchener Waterloo }

I haven’t had the chance to photograph many maternity photography sessions lately. I’m not sure why things seem to come and go in waves. At one point I’ll be photographing a ton of maternity sessions, and then sometimes there is a few months between maternity photography sessions. It’s strange how it works. However, I sure am glad […]

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Kelly - Hi Ella,

I will email you shortly 🙂
This just came up today, it is possible you have found someone else but I would like to connect via email to chat a little bit more.
Thank you,

ella - Hi there wanted to ask you if you do any tfp shoots. I would like to do a maternity session 1 hour service or so. I will provide wardrobe, balloons, little details for the shoot. I’m thinking of doing this in May or early June. Let me know if interested..many thanks! I’m 23 weeks pregnant

Anita - The water pictures are amazing Kelly!!!

Angel - I absolutely love the water pictures. The way the purple silk is flowing in the water… awesome work Kelly!