Older Child Birthday Photography | GG Turns 3!!! { Paris, ON Children’s Photographer }

Older Child Birthday Photography | GG Turns 3!!
Paris, ON Child Photographer

Okay, let’s be real. It is seldom I have a request to photograph an “older” child’s birthday. Older child birthday photography just isn’t popular. But it should be because boy is it fun!!  When GG’s mama asked me to capture her “being three” I was a little stumped at first.  It took me a few seconds to get past the cake smash idea or the sitting in a bowl and looking cute idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing cake smashes. They are so much fun. However, I also like a little photography challenge.  After a few moments of thinking, I encouraged mom to bring things that GG loves and that show off her adorable and amazing personality.

Two years ago, when my son was about to give up his soother and was full of giggles and sillies, I photographed him so simply but they are my favourite images of him.  He wore simple clothing and I aimed to captur his personality. We included his favourite stuffed animal and I took photos of him with his soother (holding it and in his mouth) so I had those memories of his sweet little soosie face. Those photos are littered throughout my home and I get so many compliments on those images of him. That was my goal here. To capture this sweet little girl just being three. Being herself. All her facial expressions (big smiles, nose scrunches, serious face, being a little timid even).  I think we got it. And mom totally hit a home run with the adorable outfit styling…that pop of red makes my photographer heart complete.

So if you are unsure about weather or not to get your older child photographed each year on their birthday….or even every couple of years. Please do.  Bring their favourite things so you remember exactly what they were like at their milestones.  They change so quickly, so preserve them as they are in the moment so you can look back (and if you’re like me you’ll shed a tear or two…or five hundred) and remember those faces. Those nose scrunches….oh gosh they get me every time. And all of the things they love to hang onto the most.

Here is the beautiful GG celebrating her birthday and just having fun being three:


Make way for some husband kudos. If I see something I love and want I just drop the hint to that man and he makes it for me. Then cute little bench pictured above…well that was his hard work that went into constructing it for me. He is my wood-working hero!


What’s not to love about these images? So. Much. Fun. Three year olds are every emotion bundled up into a tiny human.


Along with being a fierce hockey player, Miss GG is also a graceful ballerina and she rocked her black ballet shoes for her session.  I think it’s such a perfect touch.





Haha yes the scunchy nose face. Looove this one!!




This image above ^ that is one of my favourites LOL. Now that is the expression of a three year old… <3


This little dancer took some convincing but I did manage to get some images of her spinning and jumping and showing off her dance moves.


This little girl is so thoughtful. There were tons of smiles but those little in between looks get my heart strings every time. Plus I love eyelashes and she has them for days!



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