9 Month Old Baby S! { Older baby photography, Brant, ON }

This little girl here, is why I try to never ever give up on a session. Sometimes, with older baby photography, they are a bit shy. They know who their mama is, and they know I’m not her.  They start recognizing strangers and between this crazy lady with a camera in their face, flashing lights and a strange new surrounding (oh, and we have probably just dressed them in something that isn’t pajamas or that isn’t theirs…who doesn’t love an adorable photography outfit?!) they can be a bit hesitant. Baby S here is 9 months old and wasn’t at all thrilled at this experience unfolding before her. There were tears. Frowns. Pouty lips. She reached for her mama. But, with a little time to get her settled and with some gentle (and quiet…she does not like peek-a-boo or any other surprising noises lol) coaxing, we managed to stick it through and get some seriously AH-DORABLE older baby images. Like adorable.

Older baby photography is quickly becoming one of my favourite types of sessions. Here’s why:

1) Older babies are quickly developing their personalities. Which I love. They are sometimes quiet, like Little Miss S here, or sometimes really outgoing and silly. Either way, I love the challenge of photographing these older babies who keep me guessing. It really does keep me on my toes.

2) They usually (USUALLY) don’t move around much. Sometimes older baby photography does require mom and me to break out into a sweat catching and repositioning baby back into the studio space, but usually, even if they do move, I have secret ways to keep them still (ie. catching them off guard with my flashing lights, making REALLY silly noises…except not for Miss S, she cried, using my tickle device to keep them sitting and looking at me and when all else fails, mom just repeatedly puts them back into their spot – hence the sweating business).

3) The older baby smiles melt my heart. I love being able to see those little toofers popping through. They go from gummy little grins to teeth shower-offers in no time.

4) The props. What we call “sitter” sessions or milestone sessions are becoming very popular. So, prop makers have been making the most adorable darn props for these adorable darn babies!

5) You’re capturing a very important milestone. What comes between brand spakin new baby and I’m a walking, talking toddler? Why this stage! Older baby photography captures these darlings at a super important milestone. They’re sitting up. They can sometimes crawl around. They can sit in things and on things. It’s just a whole new fun way to capture your baby!  Oh, and the time it’s appropriate and adorable to capture your child’s little naked bum is so slim, so embrace this stage and photograph it!!

Anywhooo, enough about why I LOVE.MY.JOB. and moving onto Little Miss S and a few favourites from her older baby photo mini session!

Milestone Baby Photography

Milestone Baby Photography

Milestone Baby Photography

What are those down there? Little piggies? Hehe when they look at their tummy and toes it makes my heart smile.
This adorable outfit is by Pup & Frank Photo Props

Milestone Baby PhotographyMilestone Baby Photography

There is just something about this happy as can be naked baby photo that melts my heart! It’s one of my personal favourites!

Milestone Baby PhotographyMilestone Baby Photography

How beautiful are those baby blues?! She’s so darn cute!!

Milestone Baby PhotographyMilestone Baby PhotographyMilestone Baby Photography

Oh, and reason 6) often they have the chubbiest cheeks that just spill all over the darn place and you just want to nomnom them. Gah.

Milestone Baby Photography

If you are interested in booking an older baby photography session, you don’t have to wait for a mini session special! We offer mini and super mini sessions in studio all the time! To book, please contact me (Kelly) via phone at 519-717-7002 or email at kellytemplephotography@live.ca or follow the “CONTACT” link above and fill out the form. You can also connect with me on Facebook where you can also see some of my latest photos and specials!

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Look Who’s ONE!! { First Birthday Photography, Kitchener, ON }

Okay, this little duck is beyond adorable. Little Charles turned one and came here for his birthday photography! How lucky am I?!

At first, he wasn’t too sure about my studio lights.  They make a pretty big flash.  He started to blink every time they would flash. Then, he started to anticipate the flash and blink before I even took a photo. At one point, he just shut his eyes and started laughing LOL. What a character!

At this age, babies are so much fun. First birthday photography is one of my favourites. Their little (or quite big) personalities are starting to emerge and the smiles, laughs and giggles just brighten my day. Sometimes we all run around like maniacs trying to chase down these little ones who have learned to outrun the adults in the room, but we always manage to capture seriously adorable images.  Here are just a FEW of my favourites from Charles’ first birthday photography session!

First birthday photosFirst birthday photosFirst birthday photosFirst birthday photos

I love that he just started closing his eyes and laughing before the lights even flashed at him!!

First birthday photosFirst birthday photos

Grey hat & shorts were made by Noa’s Knits

First birthday photosFirst birthday photosFirst birthday photosThank you for joining me for your first birthday photography, Charles!

If you are interested in booking your child’s first birthday photos with us, please contact us via our “Contact” link on our website or by phone at 519-717-7002 or email at kellytemplephotography@live.ca . We also specialize in newborn, maternity, family, large extended family groupings and older child photography both in studio and outdoors.  For a full price list, or more information on any session type, contact us at your convenience!  Also, be sure to join us on Facebook for more information on seasonal specials!

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Fall Portraits | Outdoor Mini-Sessions { Paris/Brant County, Burlington/Hamilton area, and Durham Region!! }

Well, it is that time of year again…my FAVOURITE time of year. We are now booking fall portrait sessions!!

The fall. Ahhh, crisp, cool goodness. I love stepping outside into the amazingly crisp air and it just smells like apples. And pumpkins. Fall has this amazing smell and feel to it.  But, even more pleasing for the aesthetics of photography is the look of fall. The colours. Oooh, those warm tones all over the place. The sunlight just gets golden and gorgeous in the evening. The trees turn those amazing reds, oranges and yellows. There is nothing like fall portraits.

If you can’t tell, fall portraits are my utmost favourite to photograph. I love getting outdoors with families. It is so much fun! The kids get to be a little more carefree. We don’t have to worry about keeping them in one spot in a studio environment. They can be thrown high into the air and tickled upside down. It is just more relaxed and allows families to be themselves.

Love to snuggle up together? Then snuggle.
Love to play and run with your kids? Then play and run.
Love to go for walks? Hold hands and walk down the lane way.
Do your kids love 1-2-3 swiiiing? We can photograph that too.

Fall portraits captures a stunning backdrop to go with your stunning family. The fun, the smiles. They’re real! Like, really real. I don’t do “cheese” (I mean, sometimes I can be cheesie to get some real smiles going on, but that is besides the point completely).

 Fall portraits are booking now.

This year, they will be held in THREE locations to make it easier for all of YOU to attend one!  I have clients come to me from all over the map, so I’m striking out and heading to a town near you. Here are the locations and dates available. Session spots WILL book quickly, so if you are interested in spot, please contact me via email kellytemplephotography@live.ca or phone 519-717-7002 to book your spot today.

Dates and locations are as follows ONLY:
Paris / Brantford area – Friday, September 18th to Sunday, September 20th
Durham Region (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, etc.) – Sunday, September 28th only (if the spots fill and there is demand I will open one more date)
Hamilton/Burlington area – Saturday, October 17th & Sunday, October 18th

 GTA_MiniSessions2015locationPlease contact Kelly (that’s me!) to book your outdoor fall portrait session today! Session spaces are limited, and will fill quickly. Please email { kellytemplephotography@live.ca } or call 519-717-7002 or follow the “contact” link above to inquire about available spots!!

Be sure to visit us on Facebook!!

Kelly Temple Photography specializes in outdoor children and family portraiture. To book your summer or fall family or child portrait session, please contact Kelly. We also provide outdoor or in studio sessions such as cake smashes, newborns, maternity, children, family, and more!

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Baby Maeve | Small, but mighty! {newborn baby photography, Kitchener, ON}

What can I say about Little Miss Maeve?

Her name is oh-so-sweet but MAN (maaaaaan) she was one tough cookie to photograph. Newborn baby photography isn’t always easy. In fact, it is rarely “easy”. Each pose and set up is carefully constructed. It takes someone who is experienced in handling, shushing, rocking, soothing, and posing babies to get those poses. They look so easy. How hard can it be?! Well, with newborn baby photography, for starters, your subjects are incredibly unpredictable. I mean, no two babies are alike….everyone is unique, right?! That is ESPECIALLY true for these sweet little bundles. I have had a six-day old baby fuss the whole time and a six-week old baby sleep soundly the entire time. Some babies don’t like their bellies, some babies don’t like their backs. Some babies love the swaddle, others fight it. I’ve had some babies who, I swear, are allergic to hats (lol…they SCREAM when a hat even goes near their head…it has happened, I promise!)

Yes, newborn babies are precious. They are gorgeous. Their skin is so smooth and lovely. They are amazing.
But, with newborn baby photography, you play with fire. The babies are usually naked. Those gorgeous props get peed and pooped on (as do I!!). Did I mention it is about 30 degrees in the studio? Heaters pumping, white noise pumping. It is a serious production.

Miss Maeve ALMOST had my number.
Her mom and I used to work together. She took the train from Toronto then hitched a ride with one of her friends just to get here. Maeve slept the whole way on the train, and then wanted to party with me the whole time. She gave me a serious run this day. She pooped on everything….absolutely everything. Her mom took an epic photo of all of the blankets we went through. I can only laugh, because, well, it’s funny. It was a whole load of laundry…or two 😉

But, when you are just about to call it quits, and mom feeds one more time and we rock and sooth and try so hard for that shot…it doesn’t matter about all of the laundry, the poop and the serious buckets of sweat happening on us. The photos are so worth it.  When we can get that SHOT…the one mom really wanted in the bowl with the wrap (although she did have to settle for the cream wrap because Maeve pooped on my pink one as soon as she was in it), it makes my job totally amazingly worth while.

Thank you for your patience, Maeve, Maeve’s mom and her friend who tagged along and witnessed this amazing session (oh, and who babysat my children for a short period of time…I’m serious….during our five hour session…yes, five), and for her extreme courage in just getting here on the train with a wee baby! I hope you tell her the story of her newborn session all the time when she gets older (haha). I hope it was all worth it!!


This sweet little girl loved to be bundled. Adorable headband by Dear Felicity.


This photo was taken just as she gave an adorable sneeze!


This pose took forever to get. At almost six weeks old, Maeve was not fond of having me try to arrange her hands and feet in very specific ways…but we did it!!


This little smile can melt a heart!


This is it. This is the pose we tried for. It took so long, but this photo was “the money shot” as her mama said! I love it. Mom loves it. This image made the whole five-hours totally worth while!
Rug by Custom Photo Props | Wrap & headband by Dear Felicity

We specialize in newborn, maternity, child and family photography both in studio and outdoors. If you would like to book your session, please contact me through the “CONTACT” button at the top of the blog or by email at kellytemplephotography@live.ca or phone at 519-717-7002. Also, please join us on Facebook!

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“Baby” Turns One!! My own daughter’s cake smash photography session { Paris, ON }

When your baby turns one so many emotions flood through you.  Throughout the past two weeks I have felt everything including, but not limited to: happiness, sadness, nostalgia, regret, excitement, love, adoration, extreme sadness (lol), etc. etc. etc.

I am so excited for every new phase and stage my babies hit. However, when they reach a big milestone my heart hurts. I think to myself about how much they’ve grown, how quickly the time flies and how much I feel like I’ve missed. I should have spent more time doing a million things with them, even though I spend most of my time doing things with them. I should have done more. Worked less. The list is endless. Mommy guilt is real. But so is the amazing love and bond I have for my children. When the baby is your last baby (that’s the plan, anyway…but that’s what they all say!) it hits home a bit harder. The tears flow a bit quicker. The regret is a bit more intense because it’s the LAST time you will be doing all of these milestones. Kind of crazy, really.

This is my LAST one year cake smash for a child of my own. I put it off and put it off. I didn’t want to admit my baby was actually turning one. I finally booked my cake for her cake smash photography session. I finally opened the package with the special backdrop and floordrop I ordered specifically for Noa’s cake smash – thankfully I ordered it months ago (from One Stop Backdrop & Floors)…one thing I was on the ball about. I even waited until the day before to frantically contact an amazing shop owner located in Burlington to ask about an outfit for her (Holly from Pup&Frank Props so ahhh-mazing and bailed me out BIG time on this one).

Anyway, it all came together at the very last minute. I literally set up the studio about 30 minutes before my guests arrived and Noa woke up from her nap to smash her cake…but it got done. And when it came time for her cake smash…after all of this build up….here is the result…


That smile just makes my heart melt…she’s so darn happy! I’m one lucky mama!!




I had this inkling she wouldn’t EAT the cake…but I thought she would at least SMASH it to bits since she’s usually quite destructive…


…but once the icing got on her, she wasn’t having much of it…


Here she is saying, “SERIOUSLY, mom…why are you making me do this?!?!”


…”Grandma…anyone? Help? I can’t even crawl away because there’s icing everywhere”….


Finally she got around the cake and crawled off. LOL. All she wanted was the lollipop I gave her older brother so he would sit and watch without running across the room 25 times a minute. So, I buried the lollipop inside the cake.


SUCCESS!! I got it. Thank goodness I can stop digging in this cake now!!


Which made this little girl very happy 🙂


So, after all of that, she didn’t really love the cake smash, but we did manage to get some seriously cute photos of my sweet little Noa-Rose!

If you are interested in booking a cake smash session, there are three package options available! Custom cakes can be made specifically for your session with the colours you love the most. Send me an email by clicking on the “contact” link above or by email kellytemplephotography@live.ca or also call me at 519-717-7002 to book your cake smash birthday session today!!  We also specialize in child photography, newborns, maternity, and instudio and outdoor family sessions.  Be sure to inquire about our fall mini sessions taking place in Paris, Burlington area and the GTA starting this September!

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