Summer Special on now | Weekday sessions 30% off!! { Kitchener Child Photography }

Summer. Ah. What a glorious time to relax by the pool, have a BBQ with the family or just hang out inside and read. Whatever your summer brings you, it is a wonderful time to update your child’s photos. We are offering a wonderful summer weekday deal on photos!  Book your child in for a mini session and you will receive 30% off the session along with our “Sophie” digital file collection package – just for booking during the week! This offer is valid during the months of July & August from Monday to Thursday only.

Please contact me via email at or phone at 519 – 717 – 7002  with any questions or to book your session today!!

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Baby Emma | 9 days new { baby photographer Kitchener, ON }

Every baby photographer will tell you that there is something that just makes their heart skip a beat about babies in general or photographing babies. For me, I love quite a few things about babies (from their lips, to their sweet new smell, to baby rolls!!)….and having recently expreienced the whole mom thing, I’m even more appreciative of what a newborn baby is. This tiny wee baby stage goes by too quickly. Every baby photographer will preach that it is best to bring your baby in somewhere between 5-10 days ideally. Up to 2 weeks of age is just fine as well. It seems like such a tiny window and with a new baby it really is. The days just kind of blur into each other the first few weeks a baby is home. You forget what night time is because baby doesn’t care if the sun is down or not. You just kind of forget things in general (and that doesn’t go away….I really can’t find half of what I put into a “safe” spot and I completely and totally blame mommy brain…it’s real. I swear). Back to my point…the newborn stage flies by. The difference between a 9 day old baby and a 19 day old baby is their sleep often isn’t as deep and is shorter lived. They don’t like being told where to put their hands and a 19 day old is a bit harder to mould, shape and put into all of those much loved baby poses. They have been “free” long enough and know they want to be sprawled out rather than tucked and curled. Not to mention the 3-week growth spurt where baby literally wants to feed constantly. And, like clockwork it happens to each and every baby!

The point of this rant is: the time goes quickly, and it may seem like such a crazy thing to get packed up, bring baby into a studio to sit, feed, change and hang out for a good solid few hours, but in the end, having the images from a good quality baby photographer is priceliess. It really is. Regardless of who captures those moments, be sure to get them captured and get them captured early in baby’s life.

Baby Emma here is a doll. She slept well, ate during set changes (peed on everything I have but that just means she’s eating well and mama is doing a fabulous job!) and we captured some beautiful images of this sweet girl her mama and dad will be able to cherish in the future. For a stage that is so short lived, photos are a must for looking back and remembering when your baby was so peaceful and teenie-tiny small.

Gah – look at those eye lashes & lips. What a beautiful little girl!!

I could just nom-nom those little toes!

Love her little grin…what a sweet little monkey 🙂

I adore little eye lashes and those tiny white dots on their nose….it is a sure sign of a new little one!

Heaband by Zoe & Oliver

Hat by Kelly’s Prop Shop

Hat & pant set by Zoe & Oliver


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Baby Mackenzie – 13 days new | { newborn baby photography Paris, ON }

Newborn Baby Photography is one of my favourites! Don’t get me wrong, I love older children, families, couples, maternity and the like, but there is something about a fresh new baby that just makes my heart happy! Every session is beautiful and unique. This session, was just that!

Baby Mackenzie loves being in a bowl. I have never before come across a newborn baby who enjoys being curled up in a snuggly little spot like a bowl or a basket quite like this sweet girl!
The fun part about newborn baby photography, is you never know what the baby will be like! Some newborns loved to be posed on their belly, others really don’t like it at all! For this newborn baby photography session, Mackenzie was calm, cool and collected the entire time….as long as she was snuggled up on her back – preferably in a cute little bowl or basket lol.
My newborn photo props got some use during this session!  Just because there are none of her on her belly (we were SO close to getting ONE but she told me off at the last second haha), doesn’t mean it wasn’t a complete and total successful and beautiful session. We managed to capture some lovely images for her family to have and cherish forever…and even some they can whip out and show her boyfriends when she gets older!!

Here are a few of my favourite images from our newborn baby photography session of Mackenzie at 13 days new.

yellow flower tie-back headband from Zoe & Oliver

Cream soft-knit bonnet by Kelly’s Prop Shop

Champaign colour rose blanket from Peas & Quiet

Newborn Alpaca Yarn bonnet in soft pink from Kelly’s Prop Shop

Colourful hand-spun bonnet from Kelly’s Prop Shop

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Ladies Man | < Paris Family Portraits >

Rhys is a little ladies man. This first image in this set proves just that. We went to Apps Mill in Paris for these Family Portraits.  This family session was so fun with Rhys surrounded by his favourite ladies – his mama and his grandma! Rhys will be able to look back on these family portraits when he gets older and cherish the images we captured of him with not only his mom, but his mom’s mom! I know I go through our old photos and love to see the pictures of me as a child with my family.  Remember, family portraits can include just the immediate family but it’s also fun to take some with your extended family as well. I was thrilled when I heard grandma was going to be coming along to this one! 

I had so much fun during this session. Each and every time I take photos at Apps Mill ( Paris, ON / Brantford, ON ) the results always look different! I decided to bring along my little blue couch and I am so glad I did – Rhys LOVED it!  He hopped up there and just relaxed like he was watching his favourite TV show! Plus, passers by out for a hike or a dog-walk were a tad bit confused as to why there was a couch in the middle of their favourite hiking trails….it is always enjoyable to see and hear the reactions they have!

This energetic outdoor session (most family portrait sessions featuring a child around 18 months are quite energetic!!) was part of our Mommy & Me mini session special we had in May. I love when Grandmas are included in sessions as well – it always makes family photos just that much more special. Plus, Rhys had fun getting his photos taken with his grandma!

Here are a few of my favourites!

 It was such a fun session and such an honour to capture your family as Rhys continues to grow!

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Baby Avery | I Looooove Baby Rolls!!! {Kitchener / Waterloo Newborn Photographer}

 What is my favourite part about newborn photography?  There are MANY things I love about photographing babies…and I completely, totally understand why there are some photographers who focus solely on and specialize only in newborn photography. I get it. They smell delicious. Their skin is soooo soft. You get to spend hours in a warm room with white noise or soft music going. You have the chance to snuggle babies for a living! Yes people, it’s amazing. You do sometimes get peed on, pooped on, spit up on, etc., but hey, it’s part of the territory and the outcome far outweighs the danger of all that!

Even with all of that goodness, my favourite things about newborn photography are kissy lips and baby rolls…and this little girl had BOTH! I loooove me some baby rolls. Seriously. No joke. I think little back rolls on a baby are the cutest thing of life. And, when they fall asleep and their mouth gets all kissy lipped….ergh. My ovaries skip a beat and it totally gives me baby fever lol!  I had the opportunity to snuggle this little girl not too long ago. She is so beautiful. I’ve known her mama for a little while…in fact, Avery and Little Miss Cassandra I just posted about, are cousins! They were born 4 days apart (although Cassandra was technically due after Avery, her mama went a few days early and Miss Avery just did NOT want to leave that cozy spot she was being kept in and arrived quite a bit past her due date). It was so neat having these two girls in our studios so close together. This family was very blessed with 2 gorgeous girls (and they actually have a 3rd little girl in there too, she’s 18months now). It’s so amazing to see. Here are a few of my favourites from our session with Avery…or little miss Kissy Lips / Baby Rolls as I shall call her 😉

Little Miss Avery was a pretty good sleeper…as long as mama kept her well-fed, we were good to go! I love that we got a great variety of images!

The many facial expression of Avery….she probably even rolled her eyes at me in there!  She has the best expressions – including a stone cold stare glare that I got a few times…but when they’re followed by a huge adorable yawn and a bit smile…melt my heart!!

Baby rolls and kissy lips…right here. The whole package. Oh, and not to mention a cute little baby bum!


Credit to the following vendors:
knit stretch wrap in off-white and brown from Art Baby Props:
Little headbands (all 3 of them) from Jolie Berry:
Pink pixie hat from Simply with Love:
Cream knit bonnet from Kelly’s Prop Shop *my side shop where I knit props*:

Gina Heaton - Hi Kelly, we are very lucky to have three beautiful, healthy grandaughters, so close together too! As always great job on Avery’s pictures too! They are all very precious! I love Avery’s chubby cheeks and her baby rolls, Cassandra is starting to get little rolls too! They are so beautiful, just like their mommy’s! Thanks again, Gina and Phil Heaton

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