Lumberjack Cake Smash Session | Kitchener Birthday Photography

Lumberjack Cake Smash Session | Baby G Turns 1!!
{ Paris, ON Cake Smash Photographer }

When G’s mom messaged me about a cake smash session, I asked her if she had a theme in mind.  We threw around a few ideas, then she came to the idea of a Lumberjack Cake Smash Sessions. She asked if it was “over done”.  I replied with an enthusiastic, “NO!” and we got started on designing the set up.  The fact is, your child only turns one once so you may as well have the set up and session you love.  We went all out for the Lumberjack theme and had a blast doing so.  Baby G was thrilled too and he devoured his cake.

On the day of the session I always ask two very important questions:  1. Does baby walk? (this can drastically change the session and how messy things get lol) and 2. Does baby like food / will he or she eat the cake?
My kids hated food. They both didn’t eat much real food until they were about one or older. Both of my kids have a mediocre cake smash session from their first birthdays to the point where I am considering a donut smash for my just-turned 3 year old and 5 year old.  This might help me get over the fact our cake smashes were just meh.  I had to hide other food in their cakes and my daughter would only dig into her cake to pull out a lollipop.  I have learned how to photograph children who don’t eat much food or don’t like the cake much with some top secret tools and tricks 😉

Baby G, well he loved the cake. He dove into it. He squished it in his hands. He ate it. He played in it and he  even squished his toes in the icing.
These actions make me so happy inside as a photographer.  At the end of his messy session, we cleaned him up with a nice little bubble bath tub.

Here are some of my favourites from Baby G’s Lumberjack Cake Smash Session!!  Doesn’t that smile just melt your heart?!?!



He started out using his hands and being all polite about it, then figured it was quicker just to face dive on into the cake and get a better bite!
Most of the sets and outfits are provided by me. Mama brought this outfit along that her friend made her. She also brought a couple of personal stuffed animals to add to the set up (Mr. Bear and Mr. Moose are G’s own stuffies from home…it’s sweet to add a personal touch).



Cake, anyone?  He was offering to share it with his mama and me!


Ack. Those eyes though. This is one of my favourite angles.


A wooden spoon is always a big hit. Even if they don’t eat the cake, the love to beat it up and squash it with a spoon.


The tubs are becoming one of my favourite parts of the session! So. Much. Fun.

Lumberjack_cake_smash_session_019If you are interested in booking a cake smash session, do not hesitate to contact me to schedule your date!  Cake smash sessions are best booked when baby is about 11 months old. This allows for time to post your gallery, edit and deliver images in time for Baby’s Birthday!  If you would like custom thank you cards or birthday invitations, it also gives us time to design and order those.  Cake smash sessions are all custom designed based on your favourite colours or theme.  Send me an email to or call 519-717-7002 to chat about your cake smash theme. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for up to date sessions!

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Baby Mini Sessions | { Kitchener Baby Milestone Photographer }

Baby Mini Session | 7 Month old “Sitter Session”  |  Kitchener Baby Milestone Photographer

Being a milestone photographer is a fun job.  The sessions are short and sweet (because let’s face it, no 6 or 7 month old baby has more than a couple of outfit changes and 30 minutes of sitting, smiling and being fussed over in them), and they are so much fun. These mini sessions are compact but boy do we smile, laugh and have a blast. Oh, and we sweat lol. It’s different than “we all sweat for baby” newborn sweat. This is running around, making baby smile and laugh, singing songs, playing peek-a-boo sweat.  If baby is crawling it’s, “Mom, can you move him back there again”…and again…and again, sweat.  Yup, we all sweat and have a blast.

The Baby Milestone Sessions are perfect to capture your baby from about 4 to 12 months of age. The biggest variety of images comes when they are sitting, but that isn’t necessary for beautiful photos. We capture some gorgeous images of baby on their back and belly. Oh, and don’t even get me started on if they love to eat their toes because that is my favourite!
We offer special mini session dates for Baby Milestone Sessions about once a month to once every 6 weeks. These sessions include about 30 minutes of photography, and I provide the sets, props and even the outfits!  Yup, we are a full service photography studio. This means you don’t have to worry about anything except showing up with your (fed and happy….no pressure here mamas) baby. The rest is up to me.

Here is a super sweet little guy who came in for his Baby Milestone Session just full of smiles. And those blue eyes though…I mean, how gorgeous is this boy?!

Milestone baby photographer kitchenerThese stunning rompers are from the most amazing (LOCALLY CANADIAN) vendor Pup & Frank.
The bed is from another local gal Do-It-Herself Photography Props

If you are interested in booking a Baby Milestone Session we have a few mini session dates coming up in August, September & October.  These spots book in the morning and afternoon.  You have the choices of a number of sets, outfits and props while you are here!  Everything is customized to your preferences.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for session information via email ( ) or phone 519-717-7002

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Petite Family Sessions | Paris, ON Family Photographer

Paris, ON Family Photographer
Now offering Petite Family Sessions all year long

Family photography is my favourite. Give me a handful of crazy toddlers or kids and some seriously amazing family snuggle and fun time, and I’m one happy lady.  I love capturing families as they are. Having fun together; being sure to embrace the individual personalities of each family I have the pleasure of photographing.  I “pose” you so that the lighting is right and the way you are standing or sitting is flatter, then you get to have fun and interact together. Photos can be tough, especially with younger children. Your two year old won’t sit still? No problem…I have a game for that.  Your three year old won’t look at the camera (on purpose….for three year olds it is always on purpose hah)? No problem, I have a candy for that 😉

Some families want LOTS of images that they can make collages with or for scrapbooking or just to have to show in the future.  When families want “all” of the keeper photos, I include a gorgeous family album so your photos can sit out and be looked at all the time rather than simply collecting digital dust.

Some families only want a handful of images. And that is fine too. For those families who make photos an annual event, they don’t always want all of the images. And those scheduled one day only special mini session events don’t always line up with schedules. To accommodate this, we are now offering a “Petite Family Session” which are available any time of the year.  They book on weekday evenings, or if spots are available they can book on a weekend date also.  Here is an example of what a Petite Family Session has the possibility of turning out like….and just like all of the other sessions offered, you get to choose your favourite images from an online gallery.

Petite_family_portrait_session_family_mini_sessionThis session was 40 minutes long, which was perfect for those 2-year-old twins.

We offer 3 different family session packages { Paris, ON Family Photographer }  ranging from the Petite Session (12 images) to the Regular session (25 images) to the Full Session (“All” the images).  Depending on how many photos you want, there is a package that suits your family available all year round.

To schedule your family portrait session, please try to do so ahead of your desired date especially through September and October fall months. Our sessions fill up quickly during the fall photo season.

We also specialize in newborn portrait photography, maternity, child, cake smash sessions and head shot photography. Please follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information and specials.

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P’s Sitter Milestone Session | { Kitchener 8 month photographer }

Kitchener 8 month photographer | Capturing your sitter milestones

Little P is getting so big and strong. I loved getting to capture those amazing milestone moments.  This blog post should be called, “The Many Faces of Mr. P” because there were so many different facial expressions we captured throughout the session. He went from happy face to pouty face within fractions of moments.  I melted when he stuck out that little pouty bottom lip. I swooned when he scrunched up his nose in a big smile.  It was adorably amazing!  We laughed throughout the entire session. He kept us amused and guessing with all of his looks.
Here are a few of my favourites from this sweet milestone session capturing Little P at his 8 month mark:


Oooh scrunch nose!!  I showed mom this one on the back of the camera once I took it.






Someone called these their “take anywhere toys” which I thought was super cute. I love when babies play with their toes (and when they eat their toes it’s even better!!)



The smiles and the serious faces. I can never decide what I love more…they are equally adorable! I also love that little flick of hair that he has going on. It’s those little details that are perfect to have in photographs to look back on forever.


This image is one of my favourites. I love serious faces along with all of the grins!
This sweet outfit is from my fave vendor Pup & Frank Props


When mom and dad brought out his blankey I died a little inside. I think it is so adorable how he pulls it right up to his face (and over his head!) haha. He loves snuggling his blanket.


Yes…there were about 101 different faces that I captured. This gallery was full of goodness!


If you are interested in booking a milestone session they are best held from 4-12 months of age. We offer Older Baby Mini Sessions each month or you can book a child mini any time. Please contact us via email or phone (using the “contact” link above) to inquire about our upcoming dates!
Also, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow along for the most up to date sessions and specials.

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Outdoor Family Photographer | Brantford and surrounding areas

Outdoor Family Photographer | Brantford, Kitchener, Hamilton and surrounding areas

I love being an outdoor family photographer.  It gives me the challenge of finding amazing locations (and not all locations are created equally…no matter how beautiful the spot, it is all about the light). It gives me the challenge of working with light I don’t control.  It gives me the challenge of capturing children who have endless amounts of space to run around.  In my studio, the light is set up by me and controlled by me. The children are contained to one small area…mind you that can also be a hurdle lol.  Being an outdoor family photographer gives me the ability to have fun with families and for families to let loose and be at ease. I find photo sessions outdoors are a little more laid back and fun. We can play games and run around. It is challenging for many reasons but really, it brings me great joy to capture families in an outdoor setting.

My goal at the end of an outdoor family session is for the families to say, “That was fun!!”  We have tons of fun together but manage to capture gorgeous family images. Consider it an hour of complete and total quality family time.  Yes, I pose you – but it isn’t painful, which is good for the dads especially.  But posing is only done to create a pleasing photo. The natural interactions are up to you and your family.  You get to interact together, smile and tell goofy stories.  You get to snuggle up and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. Here is an outdoor family photo session that I just adored from start to finish:

outdoor_family_photographer_001outdoor_family_photographer_002outdoor_family_photographer_003outdoor_family_photographer_004outdoor_family_photographer_005outdoor_family_photographer_006outdoor_family_photographer_007outdoor_family_photographer_008outdoor_family_photographer_009outdoor_family_photographer_010outdoor_family_photographer_011outdoor_family_photographer_012outdoor_family_photographer_013outdoor_family_photographer_014outdoor_family_photographer_015This sweet girl was celebrating her first birthday right around the time of this session.  Mom did bring a cupcake, but we thought when she was happy to grab and munch on an apple it was just the cutest so we opted for an apple smash instead of a cupcake smash. Plus, that sweater and the apple just look oh so perfect together!


If you are interested in scheduling an outdoor family photography session please contact me to secure your date. Our outdoor sessions are limited and spots do fill up quickly.  We are currently booking outdoor sessions from June through to October.  Weekend dates are already filling.  Please contact Kelly via email at or via phone at 519-717-7002 for more information or to secure your outdoor family photography session date.
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