P’s Sitter Milestone Session | { Kitchener 8 month photographer }

Kitchener 8 month photographer | Capturing your sitter milestones

Little P is getting so big and strong. I loved getting to capture those amazing milestone moments.  This blog post should be called, “The Many Faces of Mr. P” because there were so many different facial expressions we captured throughout the session. He went from happy face to pouty face within fractions of moments.  I melted when he stuck out that little pouty bottom lip. I swooned when he scrunched up his nose in a big smile.  It was adorably amazing!  We laughed throughout the entire session. He kept us amused and guessing with all of his looks.
Here are a few of my favourites from this sweet milestone session capturing Little P at his 8 month mark:


Oooh scrunch nose!!  I showed mom this one on the back of the camera once I took it.






Someone called these their “take anywhere toys” which I thought was super cute. I love when babies play with their toes (and when they eat their toes it’s even better!!)



The smiles and the serious faces. I can never decide what I love more…they are equally adorable! I also love that little flick of hair that he has going on. It’s those little details that are perfect to have in photographs to look back on forever.


This image is one of my favourites. I love serious faces along with all of the grins!
This sweet outfit is from my fave vendor Pup & Frank Props


When mom and dad brought out his blankey I died a little inside. I think it is so adorable how he pulls it right up to his face (and over his head!) haha. He loves snuggling his blanket.


Yes…there were about 101 different faces that I captured. This gallery was full of goodness!


If you are interested in booking a milestone session they are best held from 4-12 months of age. We offer Older Baby Mini Sessions each month or you can book a child mini any time. Please contact us via email or phone (using the “contact” link above) to inquire about our upcoming dates!
Also, be sure to find us on Facebook and follow along for the most up to date sessions and specials.

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Outdoor Family Photographer | Brantford and surrounding areas

Outdoor Family Photographer | Brantford, Kitchener, Hamilton and surrounding areas

I love being an outdoor family photographer.  It gives me the challenge of finding amazing locations (and not all locations are created equally…no matter how beautiful the spot, it is all about the light). It gives me the challenge of working with light I don’t control.  It gives me the challenge of capturing children who have endless amounts of space to run around.  In my studio, the light is set up by me and controlled by me. The children are contained to one small area…mind you that can also be a hurdle lol.  Being an outdoor family photographer gives me the ability to have fun with families and for families to let loose and be at ease. I find photo sessions outdoors are a little more laid back and fun. We can play games and run around. It is challenging for many reasons but really, it brings me great joy to capture families in an outdoor setting.

My goal at the end of an outdoor family session is for the families to say, “That was fun!!”  We have tons of fun together but manage to capture gorgeous family images. Consider it an hour of complete and total quality family time.  Yes, I pose you – but it isn’t painful, which is good for the dads especially.  But posing is only done to create a pleasing photo. The natural interactions are up to you and your family.  You get to interact together, smile and tell goofy stories.  You get to snuggle up and enjoy each other’s company without any distractions. Here is an outdoor family photo session that I just adored from start to finish:

outdoor_family_photographer_001outdoor_family_photographer_002outdoor_family_photographer_003outdoor_family_photographer_004outdoor_family_photographer_005outdoor_family_photographer_006outdoor_family_photographer_007outdoor_family_photographer_008outdoor_family_photographer_009outdoor_family_photographer_010outdoor_family_photographer_011outdoor_family_photographer_012outdoor_family_photographer_013outdoor_family_photographer_014outdoor_family_photographer_015This sweet girl was celebrating her first birthday right around the time of this session.  Mom did bring a cupcake, but we thought when she was happy to grab and munch on an apple it was just the cutest so we opted for an apple smash instead of a cupcake smash. Plus, that sweater and the apple just look oh so perfect together!


If you are interested in scheduling an outdoor family photography session please contact me to secure your date. Our outdoor sessions are limited and spots do fill up quickly.  We are currently booking outdoor sessions from June through to October.  Weekend dates are already filling.  Please contact Kelly via email at kellytemplephotography@live.ca or via phone at 519-717-7002 for more information or to secure your outdoor family photography session date.
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Baby E’s Sitter Session | Older Baby Mini Photo Session

Older Baby Mini Photo Session | Kitchener Area Photographer

This sweet girl came to see me just as a wee 4 day old newborn baby. She was so squishy and beautiful then and hasn’t changed a bit (just as cute only bigger…and that adorable smile!!)  I love when families bring back their babies for the beautiful milestone session to capture them as older babies. We usually wait until they are able to sit up on their own so we can capture all of those adorable smiles and looks.  These “sitter sessions” or older baby mini photo sessions are quickly becoming my favourite.

I have a little addiction to purchasing gorgeous outfits to fit babies about 6-18 months old. My favourite vendor is located within driving distance to me so I’m able to just “pick them up” which seems way more motivating to buy all the beautiful things. However, although I supply access to a bunch of cute outfits, I in now way discourage families from bringing their own. Mama brought along this beautiful hand-made outfit that was made for herself when she was a baby and which she wore.  I LOVE how it came full circle to be worn on her beautiful daughter (and I just happened to have a lovely dainty matching headband because my headband collection is a little crazy too hah).  Here are only a small handful of some of the beautiful images we captured of Miss E at 7 months old!

7 month old photography7 month old photography

Oh gosh….the hand clapping, those sweet little toothers just melt my heart. Let’s not even get started on that chin dimple. Gah!

7 month old photography7 month old photography7 month old photography

I love putting together those lovely set ups. I always like matching things together and finding out what works in the photos.
This outfit by Pup & Frank Photography Props
Curly rugs by Butter Cup Baby Photography Props

7 month old photography

7 month old photography

Below is a photo of Sweet E holding her little bunny. She snuggled up with bunny at her newborn session too, so it was fun to have the chance to use it during her sitter mini session.

7 month old photography7 month old photography

The details are still important to capture as they get bigger….love their little piggies <3

7 month old photography

So. Not only did mama show up with a stunning little dress and the sweet purple bunny….but she also came with this “tuffet” that she made. Tiny strips of beautiful fabric all sewn together into this amazing stool. I was flabbergasted by how stunning it was. Mama said it took a very long time to make, but boy was it worth it. What a fun prop to incorporate into the session.

7 month old photography

We can’t have a milestone sitter session without capturing a bare bum photo or two…I mean, it is the perfect age for it and where else will you get those embarrassing photos to include in their wedding slide shows in the future?!

If you are interested in booking a baby milestone “sitter” session ( older baby mini photo session ) we do offer special baby days almost each month. Or, you can book a child mini session at any time.  For more information, please use the “contact” button above to email me.
Our next dates are:
Monday, May 15th, 2017
Monday, June 26th, 2017
These are specially priced baby mini days that include 3 different packages for you to choose from. We supply all the props and outfits (unless you want to bring your own) so all you have to do is remember to bring the baby.

To schedule your session, please email Kelly at kellytemplephotography@live.ca or call 519-717-7002 or use the contact button above to get in touch with me.
We also specialize in newborn photography, maternity, family and in studio and outdoor child photography for children of all ages.

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Pink & Gold Cake Smash Fun { Guelph Birthday Photographer }

Pink & Gold Cake Smash Fun | Guelph, ON Birthday Photographer

When mom requested a pink and gold cake smash birthday session, I was super excited.  Normally, I’m minimalistic and quite simple. However this time, I felt the need to make it a little bit over the top. It was so fun to watch this session come together. From the far too puffy tutu (an I am NOT a tulle person but this thing called my name) to the amazing gold painted cake, this whole session was perfect. Add in one of the most beautiful little faces around, and it’s spectacular goodness.

Our cake smash sessions are customised from start to finish – that’s the beauty of custom photography, right?!  The session theme and colour scheme is up to mama (I’m happy to make suggestions if asked) and then I execute the session from the pre-cake images to the décor, balloons, cake and outfit. The works!! I cover it all so all you have to do is show up. It’s easy peasy. This little duckling arrived in her jammies (is there a better way to travel?!) and I took care of the rest.  They are a lot of work for me on my end, but I love providing a service to parents where all they have to do is bring their baby and ta-da, the rest is done!

Here are some of my favourites from our slightly over-the-top but oh-so-cute pink and gold cake smash first birthday session:


So many people ask where I get all of my props from.
Well, I knit a lot of my knits. My husband makes a lot of my wooden items…like this bed.
This adorable outfit is made up of items from two of my favourite CANADIAN vendors(!!!)
Pup & Frank Photography Props provided the outfit and the headband is from Myrtle and Moss.


This sweet face. I love this little set of images like little headshots of her sweet expressions.


Once we capture all of the pre-cake “clean photo” goodness, we move onto the main show. My studio space is tiny, but I’m lucky that I can have two set ups going at once. I set up most of the cake smash and we do pre-cake photos on the other side. This gives us the best of both worlds without making baby wait too long between.

First_birthday_cake_smash_photographer_kitchenerFirst_birthday_cake_smash_photographer_kitchenerFirst_birthday_cake_smash_photographer_kitchenerA huge thank you to Itzy Bitsy Glitzy for this adorable outfit (including the headband and necklace) and to Sugar & Spice Bakery | Paris, ON for this gorgeous cake.


She kept looking at me like, “Am I REALY allowed to be doing this? Are you SURE?” Yes baby, I’m sure you are allowed to dig into that cake and eat it with your hands. Have fun and happy birthday LOL.


Ahhhh her beautiful eyes and smile. So pretty.


When the babies start getting a little bored of their cake, I introduce a simple wooden spoon which brings them right back to it for a few more images.  It’s amazing how much children love spoons. We encourage baby to bang on the cake, eat from the spoon, etc. and the spoon images are always my favourites.


First_birthday_cake_smash_photographer_kitchenerIf you are interested in booking a cake smash session for your one or two year old child, don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions. Dates fill up quickly and in advance so be sure to book ahead when possible. Our cake smash sessions take place at our in-home studio here in Paris, ON. We customise sessions from start to finish to provide you with the most fun and beautiful cake smash session possible! We also specialize in newborn, maternity, older baby and child photography as well as outdoor family photography from April to November.

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Older Child Birthday Photography | GG Turns 3!!! { Paris, ON Children’s Photographer }

Older Child Birthday Photography | GG Turns 3!!
Paris, ON Child Photographer

Okay, let’s be real. It is seldom I have a request to photograph an “older” child’s birthday. Older child birthday photography just isn’t popular. But it should be because boy is it fun!!  When GG’s mama asked me to capture her “being three” I was a little stumped at first.  It took me a few seconds to get past the cake smash idea or the sitting in a bowl and looking cute idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing cake smashes. They are so much fun. However, I also like a little photography challenge.  After a few moments of thinking, I encouraged mom to bring things that GG loves and that show off her adorable and amazing personality.

Two years ago, when my son was about to give up his soother and was full of giggles and sillies, I photographed him so simply but they are my favourite images of him.  He wore simple clothing and I aimed to captur his personality. We included his favourite stuffed animal and I took photos of him with his soother (holding it and in his mouth) so I had those memories of his sweet little soosie face. Those photos are littered throughout my home and I get so many compliments on those images of him. That was my goal here. To capture this sweet little girl just being three. Being herself. All her facial expressions (big smiles, nose scrunches, serious face, being a little timid even).  I think we got it. And mom totally hit a home run with the adorable outfit styling…that pop of red makes my photographer heart complete.

So if you are unsure about weather or not to get your older child photographed each year on their birthday….or even every couple of years. Please do.  Bring their favourite things so you remember exactly what they were like at their milestones.  They change so quickly, so preserve them as they are in the moment so you can look back (and if you’re like me you’ll shed a tear or two…or five hundred) and remember those faces. Those nose scrunches….oh gosh they get me every time. And all of the things they love to hang onto the most.

Here is the beautiful GG celebrating her birthday and just having fun being three:


Make way for some husband kudos. If I see something I love and want I just drop the hint to that man and he makes it for me. Then cute little bench pictured above…well that was his hard work that went into constructing it for me. He is my wood-working hero!


What’s not to love about these images? So. Much. Fun. Three year olds are every emotion bundled up into a tiny human.


Along with being a fierce hockey player, Miss GG is also a graceful ballerina and she rocked her black ballet shoes for her session.  I think it’s such a perfect touch.





Haha yes the scunchy nose face. Looove this one!!




This image above ^ that is one of my favourites LOL. Now that is the expression of a three year old… <3


This little dancer took some convincing but I did manage to get some images of her spinning and jumping and showing off her dance moves.


This little girl is so thoughtful. There were tons of smiles but those little in between looks get my heart strings every time. Plus I love eyelashes and she has them for days!



If you are interested in booking an older child’s birthday session (or a baby milestone session) please email us using the “contact” page above or by sending an email to kellytemplephotography@live.ca or calling/texting Kelly at 519-717-7002.  Please book early as our available spots for each month have been filling quickly. We only book a limited number of sessions to ensure the highest quality customer service and a prompt photo turn around time.  We are also taking bookings for maternity and newborn photography, baby milestone sessions, birthday sessions for one year old children and older children, as well as outdoor family photography (booking from April through to November).
We photograph in our home studio located in Paris, Ontario or on location in surrounding areas and throughout Southwestern Ontario and beyond. You name the place and we will be there!

Please join us on Facebook for the most up to date photography session images as well as our studio specials and mini sessions.

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