Gemma on Wheels | Rockway Gardens {Kitchener Child Photographer}

Well, this little girl might look familiar to some of you who follow my blog or see all of my photos posted on Facebook.  Gemma has been photographed by me quite a few times over the past year. Although she’s not officially a “Baby’s First Year baby”, I definitely consider her to be one.  I first photographed Gemma when she was only about 6-weeks old for a watermelon session last July. Since then, I saw her at 3-months old for a butterfly session, she was the overall winner of our Cutest Child of 2010 Contest, giving her a complimentary in-studio session in February. Then, shortly thereafter, Gemma turned 1, which we celebrated with a smash cake…and now this brings us here.  I should explain all of the photos. First of all, she loves having her photo taken…she’s quite the ham! Secondly, she gets entered into Little Miss Pageants (and does quite well, often winning Miss Congeniality and Most Photogenic).  I love that she will have so many photos to look back on when she gets older! Her parents are snap-happy at home too. It’s so fun to get tons of photos when they’re little, cute and totally willing to smile and pose.  This was definitely the first session we had together where Gemma was able to walk and run around in a large open space. We had fun running (a lot), looking at all kind of pretty things and spending some time in the gardens. She sure is fast and moves and grooves.  She loved the water fountains and all of the flowers and ran from one side of the park to the other to try to see it all! Here are some of my favourite images from our time together: 


 There’s just something I love about this photo. She had this dreamy look on her face while watching the water fountain…

 Gemma picked this hat and tutu out of my box of things all by herself. She carried it around with her until we dressed her in them. What good taste, my dear! 

 Love the facial expressions we captured!! We had tons of fun this day!

I just couldn’t resist posting this photo. She was upset because we wouldn’t let her run into the water. She wanted that fountain so badly and got quite angry with us when we stopped her from entering the water!  I think she should head to the splash pads this summer, she might just enjoy it 🙂


Headbands & Petti Rompers provided by Chic Bebe –

Hat & tutu combo set by Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique –

pam mclean - OMG this little girl is sooooo adarable, I want to have a little girl now!!!!

She is seriously one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen!!!!

Nice work Kelly!!!

Amy Rasmussen-Harry - Kelly, She has grown up to be so cute. I love the pictures.

Angel Ashley - She is getting so big! These pictures are great Kelly! 🙂

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Baby “J” & Baby “H” | twin cousins! {Niagara Falls Family Photography}

I love babies, especially when they come in pairs!! These two girls aren’t “real” twins, but they’re 1st cousins and only a month apart! That’s close enough for me 🙂  We had so much fun during this photo session.  We played dress-up with all kind of accessories and fun things, had a little cat nap (the heat has been so killer, especially for the little ones) and had lots of laughs.  I photograph Baby H, as she’s in my Baby’s First Year program, so when grandma called me to photograph her other grandaughter, and to get some photos of the two girls together, I was thrilled!!  I don’t do many on-location sessions, but since there were 2 babies, 4 parents and a grandmother, we decided it would be easiest to transport 1 photographer rather than all those people.  I did get to use their amazingly beautiful floors in some of the photos.  Here are a few of my many favourites from our smiley and fun session together…

 Love the big bright smiles here!

I just got this headband in the mail and I was so excited to get to use it! It’s beautiful and this little one sure modelled it nicely!

 We got the girls together in similar outfits while still showing off their individual styles lol. So cute!

 Baby H is older by a month and she’s showing little cousin who’s boss here by giving her a little push 🙂

I laughed so hard when they both put their heads down at the exact same time. They went from being smiles and giggles (above) to just taking a breather with their heads down. Tummy time isn’t easy!

 Baby H in her chicken hat…it’s not easy being a baby chick…

 Happy chicken!!

 Her mom & I laughed at this one….it’s her angry chicken face…or in the name of technology she’s an “angry bird” haha…

This teddy bear belong to Baby J’s dad, so mom wanted to capture some photos of her with her favourite teddy bear!  She gave him hugs all on her own.

 Family shots are always wonderful…baby J will be able to look back on these when she’s older and love them!

Big kisses from dad!

Thanks for a wonderful session, everyone, and I can’t wait to see the girls as they grow up!!


**green headband with pearls, purple flower, black zebra print & yellow giraffe print headbands all by Chic Bebe Boutique

***crochet hats, tutus and flapper girl brown / orange headband by Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique

****ruffle pink & white diaper cover and brown & pink polkadots diaper cover by Kuttin Up

gloria - I am Joslyns nana and I think they are beautiful pictures, I can not make up my mind on which one i love the most. Great job by the photographer.

megan - I am Joslyns aunt and i love the photographs, you did a wonderful job!

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Baby V | 4 Weeks Old…and such a wonderful sleeper!! {Hamilton Newborn Photography}

Baby V was exactly 4-weeks old in this session, and boy oh boy was he an awesome sleeper!! This was a quick session and he only woke up for a brief moment for a little food, then went right back to sleep.  Maybe it was because my studio is officially 90 degrees (with no space heater…) or maybe it’s because he was just being super amazing for my first newborn session in the new studio space, but whatever the reason, we had a fabulous session and captured some great photos.  Here are some of my favourites from our time together:

 My latest basket find…I seriously think babies should come this way…packaged in cute little baskets. What a wonderful delivery that would be!!

 While in the cocoon, Baby V kept smiling and giggling in his sleep! It was heartbreakingly adorable.

 I managed to catch some of the smiles…

 He awoke for a short time, looked at me with a not-so-impressed look then went back to sleep.  He decided it was best for him to just close his eyes and pretend like I wasn’t posing him like crazy and putting him in a bunch of hats and props….smart little guy!  In the bottom photo on the right, he stuck his thumb in his mouth for the first time…I thought that was pretty sweet.

 If I titled my photos, I would call this one “Born to Play”.  His hands were in perfect position for a lacrosse stick. Mom had brought the stick and the beautiful blanket she made for him to get in a few photos. I adore this shot of him and think the blanket is a seriously amazing backdrop.  Love it!

Can’t resist the hands & feet photos!!  Thanks for the wonderful session, I hope you love your images!


striped elf hat provided by Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique:

blue cocoon provided by ChicBebe:

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Little M & Baby H | Sibling Session

I love taking photos of siblings together.  I find that the older sibling is always so proud of their little brother or sister. This session did not disappoint. This little girl was so proud to show off her new little brother. She’s a wonderful big sister, and I can tell she’s a huge help to mom!  During this session we got to capture some great photos of Little M trying on various clothes and props in the studio, as well as some items brought from home (her and Baby H had adorable matching outfits!!)  Little M has some serious personality and we had a blast as she tried on many tutus / headbands, posed and made some funny faces 🙂  Here are a few of my favourites from our time together:

The beaming smile on her face shows how proud she is!

Trying on a tutu and having some fun while little brother takes a break!


When we were digging around in my prop box, I found some 3-D movie glasses.  Little M wanted to put them on and have some fun. I love the facial expressions we captured!  She was trying to do her best “teacher” faces in some of them. I love the one where she’s pointing and yelling….I think I’ve made that face before LOL.

Cute matching outfits…these are adorable and were purchased by mom off of an Etsy site. I will have to find out who makes these!

In the top photo of the two of them, Little M is singing to her brother. She was singing the frog song, that goes something like, “All of the frogs go ladidadida, ladidadida, ladidadia”… her brother was focused on her and only her and I love that photo of him just staring at her!

 Love his big blue eyes and his spiky hair – so cute!

Thank you for coming in and having such a fun session! I hope to see you both again soon!!


All headbands & hair clips, and the purple and yellow petti tutus provided by ChicBebe  

M Chan - They are adorable! Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing!

Jon - Awesome photos!

the kids look great!

Bram Noakes - The photos were really nice. I think Little M would make a good teacher some day. The pictures of Baby H were nicely done.
Uncle Bram

Jaymie - Seriously cute pictures – love the glasses set, such a funny prop!

Sharon Faustini - The photogrphy is amazing. So realistic and natural. Great ideas. Gotta love M & H . Great grandchildren.

Cathy Bray - Wonderful memories!!! Beautiful children too! 🙂

Bill Balazs - cute pictures

Leigh Anne Titmus - great picture. I like the ones with M and H

Leigh Anne Titmus - Great picture

Carolyn Faulkner - They are really lovely photographs, they both look so gorgeous xx

Dana - Super cute pictures!!!!

Kayla - Awe!! Rachel!! They are beautiful !! I can’t even pick a favorite one!!

Ken Garland - They are very nice pictures, They seem to get along well with each other, that is good. Take care.

David George - The grand kids are so cute!

Virginia Kershaw - Great photos.. M is such a haM… lol.. great memories of the kids from these ages… fantastic photography skills…

Lora Faustini - Sooo cute! Love the ones of Maddy in the glasses!

Dominic St Pierre - great job! the colour and contrast is excellent!

what a cute pair of kids! i love the expression with the glasses and the finger pointing! 🙂

Rachel Titmus - Kelly the photos are AMAZING!!! You did an awesome job!! Thanks so much.

Kelly - I’ve never noticed the date. I don’t think it’s wrong, it just is in a weird order with month, day year rather than day, month, year. I have changed it to a more standard date though, that will display from now on with the month in word form. I think it looks nicer that way. Thank you for the suggestion 🙂

Roger Woods - Lovely photographs – don’t they grow up so quick.

Dennis Garlow - Cute kids. They are a great kids to be around and have around. Little M loves her brother and treats him well as shown in the pictures. Good work capturing their private moments together.

Love, Papa.

liz.elson - wrong date on the comments it should be 19-07-2011.

Ginger Smith - Very enjoyable to look at. “M” did look like she has attitude (like her mom I guess). Excellent pictures of sister and brother.

liz.elson - lovely photos, both of them could be models in the near future’

Laura Hill - Adorable photos! Love the glasses. They look so much like their mommy!

Kim Hill - I love how relaxed and natural these photos are. They capture their little personalities so well!! I love the one where M is being the school Marm. Totally stylin’ glasses girly.

SANDRA GARLOW - The photos are amazing. You did a fantastic job!!

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One Big Family Photo Session | Elora, ON

I came from a small family. I grew up with one brother and a total of 0 cousins. My mom has an older brother who doesn’t have any children, and then it was just my brother and myself while we were growing up. My mom raised us on her own (until she remarried when I was 12 and my brother was 16).  When she married my step-dad I was overwhelmed by the size of his family, him having 4 siblings who all have children as well. I had cousins for the first time ever, but I still didn’t have the same childhood as many people do.  This family is tight-knit. On their farm just outside of Elora, the house is often bustling with people young and old.  Baby seats and swings are everywhere to hold the young ones when the big hands and arms are busy feeding cows, doing chores or just resting!  There are almost more children than adults, and everywhere you turn there are little feet scurring around you.  The children in this family are so sweet and have more love than most would know what to do with!!  I saw more evidence that we have 2 arms in order to hold and feed 2 babies at once during this session than ever before.  It was a blast and I’m so thankful my friend asked me to capture these photos of her family!! Hope you love the photos, everyone 🙂

For a total of 12 adults and 7 children (under the age of 4) we had quite the fun afternoon! I had a blast photographing each group and loved every minute of it! It wasn’t always easy, but we got some great shots 🙂

This family has 2 sets of “real” twins and one set of “almost twins”. The two cuties above are twins, and there are also twin 2 month old babies and there is also a set of cousins, born only 2 days apart!! Whew.  This sure is a busy family, but they smile and laugh about it love every second of it all!!

Eeeek, too many cute children!! They all adore each other, as well.

Jennifer Clark - I have some of the best family ever and these guys top the charts for me! The pictures look awesome and the kids all look so cute! Great job Kelly!! 🙂

Jordan Fagin - What an amazing family! Each child gorgeous. What a great family my sister married into. She is very lucky to be a part of something so special.

Ruth-ann - Love these pictures. Trudy you have such a great looking family and oh my, my, my sooooo many cute little ones!!

Trudy Vervoort - We LOVE the pictures, paul and I are so happy to have a picture of the two of us that we actaully love and ‘want’ to frame and put up in our house!!

jason - I’m glad that we have pictures of my grandparents they were really pleased with them.

KRIS VERVOORT - Awesome pictures i really love the ones of the girls in the petty rompers! adorable!!

Jenny Vervoort - Thanks so much Kelly! The pictures are awesome1 Can’t wait to print them!!

Crystal Swift - Amazing pictures!

Devon Denehy - Wow what an amazing group of people! 🙂 beautiful children

Pam Fagin - Awesome picture of an awesome family!! This must have been a very interesting experience getting all these great shots. Love them all!!

Margaret Vervoort - Awesome pictures Kelly!!

Angel - Great pictures, Kelly! All of them I just adore the out door shoots 🙂

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