P-man turns 1!! | Smash Cake Style!

Well….a year sure does go by quickly.  It seems like only a short while ago that I was taking this little guy’s newborn photos. Preston first came here when he was about 6 – weeks old. I have the pleasure of teaching with his mom, and when I would see her waddling around the school, I would giggle to myself. She taught in the classroom across the hall from mine, and when she reached the point where she was super close to having P-man, I would peek in her classroom to make sure she was alright!  She was, and didn’t have her little guy until she actually went off for her maternity leave. I was so thrilled when she asked to bring him in for newborn photos, and even more thrilled when they decided to go with the Baby’s First Year program. P-man has been coming to the studio for the past year, and now I had the chance to photograph his first birthday celebrations…with a cake smash, of course!! Here are some of him dressed up, and undressed; looking dashing and then doing some smashing (hehe, I’m not sure what’s going on with the rhymes, but I kind of like it!)

Love love the little man suit!! So cute!



I love his facial expression in this photo!

Let the smashing begin!

When we would sing Happy Birthday to Preston, he would finish it off by throwing his arms up in the air and yelled, “YAY!!!” Cutest thing ever!

I put his foot in the cake to encourage him to get all messy, and this was the look I got. Priceless.

Once the babies realize they’re ALLOWED to dig into the cake and get all messy, they give us some big and fun grins…inbetween bites, of course!

Proud of his smashing work!

A cake smash just isn’t the same without ending it by sitting on the cake! This was such a fun session, and I’ve had a great year with P-man and his famiy.  I love getting to see them grow up, although it is sad to realize how fast the time does go by and just how quickly they do get big. I can’t wait to continue you watch him grow!  Thank you three 🙂


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Baby ‘A’ | 2 Months Old!

This lovely couple was in for maternity photos back in the winter. We had a blast getting to know each other, and having the chance to take some fun shots!  I love getting to see the baby after taking maternity photos, because it’s so fun to see who was in that belly lol.  Not only did I get to meet Baby A today, but she will be back for more photos since she’s enrolled in my Baby’s First Year program! I love love love this program – it’s my ultimate favourite since I have the amazing opportunity to capture the baby as they grow throughout their first year of life. The stages are all so fun.  For many reasons, this is Baby A’s newborn session.  At 2 months old, it was her first diva shoot and she did wonderfully, giving us lots of smiles, serious faces and she let us dress her up like a sweet little doll!  Here is a preview for her loving parents, who just adore this baby girl.

I love her facial expressions. 2 months is the start of some fun and funny faces 🙂

Big smiles with a little tickle!

She was so sleepy by this point… I love the calm look on her face here!

Gotta have some naked shots. She did fabulously on her tummy!

Love the big smiles!

She looked like a little flapper in this outfit. All little girls need some cute pearls….they are simply adorable!

Serious face is so sweet, too!

I think all babies should come in baskets…they just look so comfy and cozy in there!

She loved the feeling of this soft blanket and was wriggling around and doing a little swim dance on it. So funny!

We got some serious grins today. We all laughed at this little gal. She truly is a miracle child, and I’m so glad I had the chance to take these photos. Thank you to the three of you for coming in today, and I hope you love the images we capture, and I cannot wait to see you again in a couple of months!!

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Baby Girl ‘M’ | 7 Weeks!

This little cutie was absolutely amazing! At 7-weeks old, she did amazingly in our session together. She slept like a champ and did SO well with being posed, put into all kinds of props, hats and baskets! Here are a few of my favourites as a sneak peek 🙂

I love this diaper cover with the little ruffles on the bum! She wasn’t a huge fan of being all curled up into a ball, but I love her “frog legs” here LOL

Eeeeek, baby toes!! I love little feet!

Squishy faces….so sweet!!

I’ve said it before, and I”ll say it again….all little girls should have some ruffles and pearls! Love love 🙂

I love how her little hand is gripping the flower on the hat…she did that all on her own! Sometimes, babies just know how to work the camera.

 I always love getting a few pictures of mama and baby…it’s such a special time and baby will love looking back on these when she’s older! 


Thank you to both of you for coming in last night! It was great to meet you and to have the chance to capture your photographs. I hope you love your little sneak peek 🙂



Brown diaper cover with ruffles – Newborn Photo Props http://www.etsy.com/shop/NewbornPhotoProps

Pink tutu, cougar swaddle and giraffe flower headband & orange headband – Chic Bebe http://www.etsy.com/shop/chicbebeh?ref=ss_profile

Pink ruffle diaper cover – Kuttin Up http://www.etsy.com/shop/KuttinUp

Purple Hat with flower – http://www.etsy.com/shop/speckledfrogcrochet?ref=ss_profile

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The Latest Info – May & June’s Newsletter

Well, it has been quite awhile since I’ve sent out a newsletter or made much contact. Times have been so busy, but wonderful!  Jamie and I are in the ends of planning our wedding (which is only 3 weeks away), the school year is coming to an end and I’m sure summer will be here before we all know it!  Along with that, I’ve had the chance to photograph some seriously adorable children and lovely families in the past couple of months!

There have been some changes to my “Package Portrait Plans” which all include multiple portrait sessions and most include an album. There is some more information below regarding all of the packages and what they include, along with a little newsletter I wrote to send a quick hello to all of you.  If you book selected portrait package plan (Baby’s First Year, Big Steps, or the Family Plan)  in the month of May or June, you will receive $50 off the regular price.  Save $20 off the Smash Cake Plan or the Belly to Baby plan.  Samples of all albums and collages are available in studio, so please feel free to request to see a sample at any time!!

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Baby R | Newborn Session

I truly believe I have an amazing job as a photographer.  I have the opportunity to meet new people, as well as have people I know bring in their families to be photographed. I get to capture the love families share with each other, and I get to see so many amazing and fun moments between siblings, parents & children and all other family relationships.  This session was special for me.  These two little ones are the children of a co-worker, whom I had the chance to get to know and watch her belly grow throughout her pregnancy.  She worked in my classroom with me, so we’ve shared much fun over the past few months.  Baby R was due over a week earlier than when mamma was scheduled to be off work – so the last week she was working, I was holding my breath waiting for her water to break in the middle of class! It didn’t happen quite that dramatically, but on the Thursday before Baby R was born, I was sure to rub his mamma’s belly one last time because I had a gut feeling it would be the last time I’d see the belly…and I was right. Mamma went into labour the next morning and the next time I saw her there was no belly, but rather an adorable little man!  I was so excited when she decided to bring him and his older sister in for photos! We had an amazing session with the two kids – and big sis sure was proud of her little bro.  Here are a few of my favourites from our time together:

Eeeek – big sister is just full of love and affection for her little bro. She practiced holding him before the session and did such an amazing job!!


Baby R fell fast asleep as soon as he was put into a fuzzy blanket…luckily we have many soft and fuzzy blankets around here, and he slept wonderfully!

While baby was having a little snack, we got to have some fun with props…a monkey hat and baby for a big monkey herself

I adore this basket…I picked it up at Pier One and the lady thought I was crazy when I had her measure it because I wanted to be sure a baby would fit into it…. I wasn’t crazy, it works wonderfully!

What a cute baby boy he is!

Serious love and affection here.

This was one of the last photos I snapped…this little grin appeared and mom and I both started fussing over how sweet he was and how perfect of a moment it was!


Thank you to all of you for coming in for this session. It truly was wonderful 🙂

Pam McLean - Great job Kelly, I love the leaf basket form Pier One, that lady obviously had no imagination…..

Victoria - These are real adorable pictures of My Niece and her Lil Brother … We just loved looking at them and what awesome props you have. I will certainly recommend your business to anyone wanting photos done!!! Most excellent!!!

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