Baby ‘O’ | 2 Weeks Old {Brantford Baby Photography}

Baby O was only 2 weeks old when he came in for his first photo session!  He brought along with him his mom and dad, but also his grandmother and great-grandmother for their first 4-generation photograph. I was honoured to have the opportunity to capture that image, along with many others.  Baby O did great, he slept like a champ and did great being posed throughout our time together.  Thank you to this whole family who came out on a VERY chilly day to get their photos done.  Here is a peek of a few of my favourite images from our session:

Grandma and her grandson!

Great-grandma & Grandma

I was lucky enough to have a great-grandmother I was close with while I was growing up. I cherish the 4-generation photos we have together, and I wish there were more! I had 19 wonderful years with my great-grandmother and it’s such a wonderful and speical relationship to have.  This little guy is very lucky to have all the love from these women.

Such a beautiful family!

Babies look SO adorable in baskets, and I think they should just travel this way everywhere they go – I mean…it doesn’t get much more comfortable or sweet!

As always, I love trying out a few different hats. Both of these hats were made by Mud Pies & Pigtails Boutique  Take a look at their website to see all of their adorable goodies to choose from! I love the adorable designs and how fun they are for photos!

I often go out on a mission to find new photography props. I love looking for baskets, chairs, blankets and anything else I can use in the studio.  I was at Pier One when I saw this basket. I automatically took a photo on my phone and sent it to my dear friend, Annya of Annya Miller Photography. We love to share our finds with each other, and I had to show her this one. This basket is SO cute, and I thought it would be perfect. We were trying to decide if it would be large enough for a baby to fit into…and the lady at the store just kept looking at me funny.  She finally asked what I meant when I had her measure the length of the basket, because she had no idea WHY I would be putting a baby in a leaf basket lol.  I want to take this image into the store to show her just what I had on my mind, because I love the result!

Dad is a huge basketball fan so we got to incorporate some fun props into a few photos!  I love when people bring props that are special to them or to the baby and encourage everyone to do so – it makes the sessions unique and it shows off who you are and what you love!


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Sarah & Devin | Engaged {Hamilton Wedding Photography}

Sarah & Devin are getting married this September. They got engaged last winter at Apps Mill in Brantford / Paris area, so we decided to head back there for some engagement photos just a couple weekends ago!  They wanted to capture the essence of what the park looked and felt like at the same time Devin proposed. We put on our boots, and we couldn’t have picked a better day – it was overcast, but nice and mild. We got to hang out together for a couple of hours and had tons of fun! Sarah & Devin have a really fun and laid back relationship…and Devin sure did love pushing Sarah into the snow! Sarah did get him back…but he definitely took her down with him lol. Here are a few of my faves from our time together:

Apps Mill has so many gorgeous spots, and this was the first time I’ve been there in the winter. The most amazing part about this place, is although it’s fairly small, it looks different every time I go there, and I have photographed almost 10 sessions in the same park, but they always turn out so differently. It’s fun to see it in the snow, it’s so lovely.

This is the spot where Devin proposed to Sarah. She said yes, of course!  They wanted to take some pictures by the look-out where it all happened 🙂

I love this photos…there’s just something about it. Then, when I asked Devin to come back up to where Sarah was standing, he did…but he grabbed onto her and started falling over. He shouted DON’T LET GO OF THE TREE! So, naturally, Sarah let go of the tree and…………

They both ended up in the snow lol!

From cozy and cuddly to silly, these two are all of the above and had fun just being themselves throughout our session!

Big old trees = my favourite.

The old Mill is super neat looking, so we couldn’t help but use the space (safely…watch out for those nails!) to backdrop a few photographs.

Thanks for braving the deep snow and cooler temperatures. This photo session was a blast and I cannot wait to see you for the big day in September!!

heather - i’m devin’s little sister and i couldn’t be happier that these two are getting married. I looked through these photos and omg i love them. my fav of all is IMG 9733 and blog 5. I can’t wait to have another sister. Welcome to the fam sarah. We all love you!

Amy Rasmussen-Harry - These pictures are beautiful. The outdoors was perfect.

Annya - Awesome! Love the lighting, posing and perspectives in this. I think this is one of my fav E sessions that you have done!

Cute couple too, they look so happy 🙂

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Baby Suvi | 2 Weeks Old {Hamilton Newborn Photography}

It has been far too long since I blogged, and thought this blog would be a great way to get back into it and set the tone with some serious cuteness.  This little girl just melted my heart.  I love getting to give mom and dad as relaxing as an experience as possible, and I got to rock her to sleep and she just stayed there the whole session (which was perfect of her!)  I had the pleasure of photographing her mamma’s maternity photos back in November, and was so excited to meet Baby Suvi and to photograph this tiny little one.  She is absolutely beautiful, and slept like a champ.  She did such a wonderful job during her first DIVA session, and we captured some fun photos, showcasing her sweetness!  Here are a few of my favourites….

Mom’s photos were taking in my dear friend, Annya Miller’s studion in Pickering, so I thought it would be fitting to take over her studio AGAIN and to use her lovely couch AGAIN lol 🙂

Ummm, is there anything cuter than squishy sleepy face? I could just eat her cheeks and told her over and over during the session!

This bunny & diaper cover set arrived at my door and when I opened the box, I screamed! How adorable is this?! Provided by Mudpies & Pigtails Boutique.

Angel wings for this little angel…sigh.

What Diva doesn’t need a string of pearls??

I have been dying to do this pose for awhile and mom was all for it – she just gave me all her trust and let me photograph away! I love how tiny baby looks here and how beautiful mamma is. She’s simply glowing and there is so much love between mom and baby, it’s amazing!

Eeeek, sweet family photo! 

Thank you to the three of you for having me capture your first family session. I loved getting to see you again and meeting your bundle of joy! 

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Wow, this was a VERY VERY close contest.  So close, I actually had a 3rd party recount the votes to ensure accuracy (I am on some meds to relieve this horrible sickness that has attacked me in the past few days lol).  Partial votes were not counted, nor were votes that were cast past the deadline date and time.  It was so close, that I changed the prizes a tad bit to include a 2nd place contestant from each category.  Everyone who participated will receive a $25 gift certificate in the mail!!  So, without further delay since you have waiting so long already, here are you top contestants! Thank you to everyone who participated via a photo entry or voting, this was a great success and will begin a yearly tradition!


Gemma will receive a complimentary in studio session and 10 – medium resolution images on a DVD!!

CARLY – 0-6 months 1st runner up ($100 Gift Certificate!!) 

MATTHEW – 0-6 months 2nd runner up ($50 gift certificate!!)

SOHPIE – 6months-1 year 1st runner up ($100 Gift Certificate)

Aidan – 6months – 1 year 2nd runner up ($50 Gift Certificate!!)

NOLAN – 1 – 3 year 1st runner up ($100 Gift Certificate!!)

DEAN – 1-3 year 2nd runner up ($50 Gift Certificate!!)

MIA – 3 years + first runner up ($100 Gift Certificate)

NATALIE – 3 years + 2nd runner up ($50 Gift Certificate!!)


Thanks again, everyone! Congratulations to all of the adorable contestants – this was a huge success. Hope to see you all again this year!!

Keira Welter - I totally understand why first prize went to that baby! Great image… made me laugh till I tinkled.

alej keigan - all so cute…and yes, especially the winner! can’t beat cute AND funny! 🙂

Dawniele Castellanos - Love these. Love the winner…”Gemma” is so cute. Love her expression! Very nice.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in cutting off the deadline…I have been fighting an awful bout of Step Throat over the past 24 hours and haven’t had a chance.  Voting is now closed.  I apoligize for any confusion on the voting cutoff, the date in the offical email sent out to all contestants was Saturday, January 29, 2011 at midnight…however in my post below it was stated Saturday January 30, 2011 at midnight. I am sticking with the initial cut off date that was sent out in all emails. I apolgoize for any confusion.  Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and who voted.  The winner will be announced ASAP!



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