Baby E & Big Brother E | Brotherly Love {Brantford Children Photography}

This is my first blog post in such a long time! I have been so busy with photographing sessions and teaching full time (I’m currently on an LTO which runs until mid-January in a grade 3/4 class!), that my poor blog has suffered. I finally got the blog that I have been wanting for so long, and here I go and neglect it!  Today, I woke up and decided I HAD to blog and was determined to do so! These posts actually take a lot longer than what most of you would probably guess, but I really enjoy sharing multiple photos from each session and telling the little stores behind all the sessions I post.  After a month of not blogging and with so many sessions not blogged about, I had a hard to choosing which session to blog about, but I wanted to share this post with everyone, since it is one of my favourite sessions to date.  I look at these images and tear up a little, and I will tell you why:  there is SO much love in this family. I have yet to see another 5-year old child care for their young sibling this much.  This little guy just adores his little brother, and the family has so much love for each other, that it was such a touching session.  I must stress that I did not do much posing throughout this session, but I just let these little ones interact together, and I captured some adorable moments.  Here are a few of my favourites from our time together:

Big brother E is such a great little model – he was ready to go as soon as he arrived and we had some fun getting photos of him on his own before photographing him and his little brother!

Baby E came all prepared for some Santa photos – I love his little outfit 🙂

Sigh. In the future, I hope I have children who adore each other this much!!

This photograph is my favourite. There is something so real and beautiful and it just speaks to me. I love how they’re just looking at each other like they’re old friends whose lives together have gone back so much further than just 3 months.

Ok, the matching outfits are SO awesome – they are adorable and super stylish!

sandra hill - these 2 boys are my grandsons and they are so awesome and amazing. you have captured some very special moments here . thank you you do an awesome job.

Carrie - Nice job Kelly! Those are some sharp dressed little men! I looove the matching outfits…I don’t care what people say, it is always cute on little ones!

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Theresa & Cory | Expecting (28-weeks)! {Brantford Maternity Photography}

Theresa called me up a couple of months ago asking about maternity photos.  She lives pretty far away from me and my studio here, but once we got talking, we decided to work things out and go through with the shoots!  Theresa’s baby to be will be part of my Baby’s First Year program, and I can’t wait to meet the little one and capture the first year of their life.  My dear friend, Annya of Annya Miller Photography ( ) was kind enough to lend me her studio space for this shoot!  We had so much fun throughout. Poor Cory had to work a double in order to make it in for the session. He was a good (tired) sport, though and took little cat naps throughout the session until I called him up for photos or to help me out!  I got to try a few new things in this session. In our constulation, I found out Theresa takes pre-natal yoga classes, so I thought it would be so much fun to incorporate that into the session. Below are some of my favourites from our time together. Thanks again, and I can’t wait to meet the little on this winter!!


Annya has this gorgeous couch and now something along these lines will DEFINITELY be on my Christmas list to my studio lol.  I have been wanting something like this for so long, but can’t deicde on what I want to get…there are so many choices out there. I do, however, think Annya made a great one with her couch and I enjoyed getting to steal some of her props while I was in her studio 🙂

I absolutely love this wrap shot – it’s one of my favourites from the set! 

Annya - Beautiful shots of a beautiful Mom to be! Love the yoga, that is so cool!!!!

klaudia - The last picture (the wrap shot) is my favorite too.
Great photography skills & gorgeous model 🙂

but i believe it would be nice to see more pics of Cory & Theresa together.


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Baby ‘M’ | 3 Weeks Old! {Kitchener Newborn Photography}

Mom & Dad of this little guy were just in a little while ago for some maternity photos!  I got to capture him as belly, and now as baby!! It’s always fun to see baby back for some newborn photos after a maternity session.  Mom & Dad of this little gaffer are friends of ours, so I was happy to have the chance to have them back in for photos!  Baby M was a little reluctant to sleep at first, so we heated him up with 2 space heaters and got him sleeping peacefully! We ended up getting some great shots of him by himself looking seriously adorable in some cute hats, and also some lovely photos of the whole family!  I hope to see this little one again soon 🙂

I love big yawns and big sneezes! Baby M was sneezing in the photo on the right – I love it!

One of the cutest things in the world for me, is when babies fall asleep and their faces SQUISH up. So sweet – I love the photo of Baby M in the owl hat…SQUIIIISH!

I always love when mom & dad get in a family photo when baby is still small – these photos are so precious of the whole, new family!!

The yawning photo is probably my favourite family picture! To me, family photos aren’t about being perfect, but about capturing the personality and little moments, and I love this moment!

Carrie - These are lovely! Nice throw you have there! I wonder where you go it 😉

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Baby ‘A’ | 7-weeks old and SO much hair!! {Hamilton Baby Photography}

Baby ‘A’ and her big sister ‘H’, are the cousins of a little one I had the chance to photograph just a couple of months back!! When grandma & daughter came to pick up their photos from session number 1, they were rushing over to the hospital to visit their new grandbaby and niece.  I was thrilled when grandma got in touch with me again to photograph her newest grandchild, Baby A and her Older Sister H!!   It is always fun to make family connections and getting to see families come by again!  It’s such a huge compliment when people come back in for more photos, and I thank you for bringing these littles ones in! The session was so much fun! Baby A came in sleeping, woke up part way through and cooperated the whole time. As for Big Sister H, she is only 19-months and did such an amazing job posing with her sister! I did have a dream of both sisters in matching owl hats, but what 19-month old likes to wear hats (LOL) ?!?!   They both did such an amazing job, and this was almost a record time for a newborn session! Here are a few of my favourites from the day:

She’s so proud to be a big sister!!

Baby A has SOOO much hair! She not only has a lot of hair, but it is so wild and outta control – I love it!!  I went to look up lyrics from the musical Hair, but they just didn’t suit a newborn blog. However, that was the FIRST song that popped into my head as I was editing these photos lol.

I love this little diaper cover with all the ruffles!!

She was just hanging out with mom in these photos! I cannot get over how much hair she has – it’s wild!

Thank you again for coming in for your photos. I hope you love the images we captured!!

I have such cute nieces! 🙂

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Holiday Toy-Drive & Mini-Sessions!! {Brantford Children Photography}

Ok, so I know Halloween just ended, but now the Holiday Season is upon us. It is as though the world knows…the weather has cooled down and they’re even calling for flurries later this week.  And although many people do not love the cold and snow (I definitely cursed my car for having to scrape it off this morning!!), I do love this time of year for many other reasons. I love how the Holiday’s bring out so much good in people – there is a buzz around everywhere with visiting, baking, shopping and best of all, giving!   However, not every child has access to gifts, and some children will even have to spend their holidays in the hospital. So, I have decided to replace the Mini-session fee of $25 that I would normally charge, to the donation of a new, unwrapped toy. All toys will be donated to the Sick Kids Hostpital Annual Toy Drive, so that children in the hospital can wake up to a wonderful gift on Christmas Day!!

There are more details below, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me or call me at 519-994-2401 . Also, book fast since space is limited, and get your holiday / festive photos taken and give back!!

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