Baby ‘C’ | 13 Days Old! {Kitchener Newborn Photography}

I took maternity photos for Shaunda last month, and now her bundle of joy has arrived!! She welcomes into the world beautiful baby ‘C’ – her fourth baby and first girl! Her older brothers love her already, as we can see with her older brother A in these photos below. Her bigger brothers weren’t present for photos, but she is loved just the same!!   As it is getting close to the holidays, I thought I would have a little fun with some decorations and cute props I recently acquired for this holiday season!  Big brother A didn’t want to give my Christmas ball back at the end – he was pretty attached to it!  Mom & Dad now have an idea of what to get him for Christmas lol 🙂  Here are a few of my favourites from the session:

Big Brother A did such a fabulous job getting his photo taken – he listened so well and even sat “criss cross apple sauce” for me! What a great little subject 😀

Baby C was still small enough to fold up and pose. She barely fussed, and let us dress her up and move her around….I wish I could sleep like that!

Big Brother A gives Little sis some love in these photos!

Ahhh, I have had this basket for many moons and FINALLY got a baby small enough and far sleepy enough to be put into said basket! Above are some of my favourites from the basket sequence…although I may have gone a little click happy after I got her all settled in there…I was so excited everything went to plan!!

Some family time!

A little love from Mommy & Daddy here.


Thanks again for having me take photos of your belly and now your baby! I had a great time seeing you all again and meeting the little one. She’s beautiful, and I hope you love your images so far!

shaunda - i love the pics kelly!! you did an amazing job!! thanks for your patience too!!

Annya - Beautiful work Kelly! Love the Christmas props 🙂

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Shannon & Adam | 9 Months Pregnant! {Burlington Pregnancy Photography}

Shannon & Adam are expecting their first baby and have asked me to capture their maternity photos and to come back and take photos of their little one when he or she arrives (it’s a surprise…but my bet is a girl!)  It’s always great to meet the couple before photographing baby, since we get nice and comfortable with each other and it makes it super easy, and so much fun, when baby arrives!  I always get excited to meet baby after a maternity session and love seeing the results of that beautiful baby bump! Maternity sessions are one of my favourite sessions, and I love just getting to hang out with mom & dad and feed off their excitement and anticipation for the little one to arrive. Here are some of my favourites from the session – I cannot wait to see you again in a few weeks and take photos of baby!!

As we went along in our session, we started using wraps and more dramatic lighting to light Shannon & her belly. I love to take a whole bunch of photos in various outfits to give mommy & daddy – to – be many to choose from.  I love using wraps for sessions, and I always encourage mommy’s to bring half a wardrobe so we can have fun with outfits!! I love seeing ladies wheeling up a suitcase and a belly when they come to my door (haha)!I love the thought of baby getting to see these photos when they grow up, and to see how special they were even before they officially arrived in this world! There is so much love in a maternity session!I tried something a little different with the white material wraps. I love how it looks all flowy! Mom looks absolutely stunning!! This last one is my personal favourite, althought I love them all!  I hope you love the images, you two (+ baby)!

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Tamara & Ryan – Sealing the Deal!! {Hamilton Wedding Photography}

Tamara and I have known each other since Grade 7. We also went to high school together, so when she asked me if I would be a part of her speical day through capturing photos, I was honoured!  The wedding took place at a lovely golf course in Oshawa, ON. Pre-ceremony photos were taking at home of  Tamara’s Parents. I just happen to have gone to high school with a few of the girls from the bridal party, as well! All in all, it was a blast from the past and made for a super fun reunion. I was so happy to be part of your day, Tamara & Ryan.  Here are a few of my favourites:

The bouquets were absolutely beautiful! I love the colours – bright and vibrant!!

The bride, looking absolutely stunning on her big day!

These girls had so much fun together! Lots of laughs all day long!

I love these photos – Ryan and Tamara have a great relationship. The photos on the right is one of my faves, simply because Tamara gave Ryan some attitude, and this was his reaction!! Perfect!

We had an amazingly sunny day, and we used it to our full advantage! The light was so warm and gorgeous.


Ryan is going to wear his Grandfather’s wedding band, along with his own. I think this is an amazing idea and a wonderful way to remember someone near and dear to your heart!

Seriously, how fabulous are those shoes??

The light shone through the reception area for a good chunk of the evening. It was so beautiful and perfect!

Ending off with dessert, my favourite!! These cupcakes were not only lovely to look at, but they went down with ease 😀

Thank you again for asking me to be a part of your big day. It’s an honour getting to capture weddings for couples. Ryan and Tamara are a beautiful couple, and I wish them the best of luck for the years to come!

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New Blog!! {Brantford Lifestyle Photography}

Hello everyone,  I’m so excited to have a new blog on which to share my photos with everyone! This blog will show larger images so you can see more detail in photos, it will look more aesthetically appealing, and will allow for easy commenting, which means I can hold some fun contests and bonuses regarding photo comments!! I love blogging, it’s a way for me to not only share photos, but give some stories behind the photos. Every session is unique, and it is so important for me to share the fun and interesting things that go on throughout the sessions.  I will be getting this up and rolling as quickly as possible, and going back to repost some of the more recent sessions from my previous blog, so you can continue to share them with your friends & family! 

Please check back soon for my first REAL blog post 🙂


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