Scarlett’s Rustic Cake Smash Session | First Birthday Photography {Paris, ON}

Rustic Cake Smash Session | First Birthday Photography in Paris, ON

When my Baby’s First Year babies turn one it is always bitter-sweet.  It is amazing to watch these babies grow throughout their first year.  I start with the wee tiny baby as a newborn and we very quickly seem to fly through the year.  Nothing seems to put a year into perspective quite like celebrating a first birthday.  Scarlett’s rustic cake smash session was so fun to plan.  Her mama and I chatted back and forth to make sure the details were what she wanted.  Mama wanted something simple and fun.  She also was hoping for something unique.  Let me tell you that having a walking 11 month old makes for a fun and unique session.

Little Miss Scarlett was running around and getting into all kinds of things. Plus, her eyes are only for daddy.  He can definitely make her smile and she loves looking around for him. Every time she caught him she gave a huge grin and giggle. I always have a lot of props and boxes for those quick walkers because nothing keeps a baby still like putting them in a crate!

Cake smash first birthday sessions are usually all about the cake, but I love how this session includes a fun balance of balloons and cake. She was fascinated with the balloons so we let her have a ton of fun with them! We watched as she chased them and tried to bump them around. We all laughed along with her as she had a ton of fun celebrating her first birthday! Here are a few of my favourites from Scarlett’s Rustic Cake Smash Session:

Rustic_cake_smash_sessionI just love her adorable facial expressions and can we just take a moment to appreciate those chubby thighs though?! I mean, come on!
Adorable fur-hooded romper by the most amazing Holly from Pup & Frank Photography Props.

This outfit goodness (headband and all) also from Pup & Frank.

If you are interested in booking a first birthday cake smash session, be sure to contact me (you can use the link above OR email OR call 519-717-7002) for more information on how to secure your session date. Cake smash birthday sessions are fully customized to your favourite colours or to your theme of choice. I provide the outfits or you can bring your own.  It is a really fun experience to plan, photograph and deliver the final products for each and every cake smash birthday session.  It is such a wonderful way to make this very important milestone in your child’s life (and in yours because you survived your baby’s first year!!)

We also specialize in studio and outdoor photography for maternity, newborns, older babies and milestone sessions, as well as families.  We take a limited number of bookings each month, so be sure to secure your session dates as soon as you are able to.

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Baby A | Newborn Photography Paris, ON

Newborn Photography Paris, ON | Baby A’s Studio Newborn Photography Session

I was so happy to meet this sweet baby girl and photograph her newborn session a few weeks ago.  She was downright adorable with the most adorable chubby cheeks around.  She loved being wrapped up nice and tightly, which is just fine. We always go along with what baby likes the most during newborn photography sessions.

Sometimes, for babies who are only a week or two old, they can be quite bossy (as all of you mamas out there are probably fully aware of).  Babies don’t always like when I touch their hands or try to move their heads, etc. It’s definitely easier when they are in a really nice deep sleep, but sometimes they don’t hit the really deep slumber while they are here. We work with it and I have many different ways of swaddling and wrapping a baby to keep them sleepy and content even if they aren’t fully in a really deep sleep.

Here are a few of my favourites from Baby A’s Newborn Photography session {Paris, ON}


This December baby go to try out my gorgeous reindeer headband by the most talented Pup & Frank Photography Props



Oooh, baby back rolls. My favourite!!


She had so many cute little grins for me. It’s downright adorable when babies give you those little smiles <3

Baby_photos_kitchener_ONBaby_photos_kitchener_ONIt is never too early to schedule your newborn session. We only accept a certain amount of sessions each month to ensure a reasonable turn around time for images, prints and products.  If you are expecting and are interested in a newborn session, please email or call to chat about what session might be best for your family and photographic needs. If you just had your baby, be sure to send me a message to see if we can find a date that works! Babies are best photographed within the first two weeks of life, when possible.
We also specialize in maternity, older baby, birthday milestone sessions and family sessions.
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Woodland Outdoor Cake Smash | Theo Turns One! { Paris, ON }

Theo Turns One | Woodland Outdoor Cake Smash near Paris, ON

There is something about photographing a newborn baby then once again getting to photograph their first birthday session and see them kind of come full-circle in their year. It’s amazing how much they change from a wee little baby who is sleepy (hopefully) and we pose into sweet little positions to a child who is walking, talking and eating cake goodness.  When Theo’s mama contacted me to book his cake smash session and said she wanted something outdoorsy, we put together a Woodland Outdoor Cake Smash session. I was thrilled to head outdoors to have fun at sunset.  With the help from a local baker, a local prop maker and myself (I make the décor) we planned a super fun session. Here are some of my favourites below from Theo’s Woodland Outdoor Cake Smash Session:


How cute are these amazing outfits? Made by the most talented Holly from Pup & Frank Props….I buy 80% of my older baby outfits from her. She’s amazing <3



This beautiful cake is also made by a local Paris, ON baker: Sugar & Spice Bakery




By the end of our session we had some amazing sunset lighting. It was overall a really fun, unique and super amazing outdoor cake smash session.


If you are interested in scheduling an outdoor cake smash session or a studio cake smash session, please contact us today via email at or phone at 519-717-7002.  We specialize in custom cake smash and older baby / birthday photography. Our studio is located in Paris, ON. We also offer custom studio and outdoor family portraiture, newborn portraits, maternity portraits and head shots.  If you would like to secure and start planning your cake smash session, don’t wait and book today. We only take a limited number of sessions each month so it’s never too early to book your session!


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The H Family | Kitchener Outdoor Fall Family Photography

The Adorable and Energetic ‘H Family’  |  Kitchener Outdoor Fall Family Photography Session

Have you ever wondered, while looking through snippets of photographer’s work here and there, what an entire session has the potential to look like? When booking an outdoor fall family session, it is important to find someone who can provide you with high quality images in a style that suits your own. These are images you will display in your home or showcase on social media. Finding someone who fits your family’s style and personality is key.

Most people choose my Regular Family Session, which includes 25 digital images. And although it doesn’t seem like a lot, and some people would like ALL of the images in their session (and that’s okay too, there’s a package for that), I wanted to show you on this blog post what a Regular Family Session has the ability to be.  There is tons of variety in this session, and the images are quality images you would want to display throughout your home.

This sunset family photo session took place at a local apple orchard near sunset.  This family had so much fun and these two girls were full of energy and life, as I’m sure radiates through the images. We laughed (A LOT), ran around (A LOT) and ate some apples.  I hope you can see how carefully thought out the poses and composition of each image are, as well as the entire process of editing and completing each individual image is to me. Plus, outdoor fall family photography sessions are my absolute favourite…and I’m sure the love shines through in each and every photo!

Sunset Family PhotographyI carefully select my locations. It’s not about the surroundings (although this does happen to be a stunning backdrop and area) but it’s all about the lighting. I can take photos anywhere as long as the light is this amazing.  It can be along the side of the road, or in a big field. It doesn’t matter as long as that sunshine speaks to me.  I have had families ask about specific spots, and I’m happy to look into them, but not every photo location is created equally, even if the backdrop is lovely.
Sunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographyOh gosh….we had so much fun and these girls were divine. They were so energetic and wonderful. What a lovely session!

Sunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family Photography

Sunset Family PhotographySunset Family PhotographySunset Family Photography

This one was mama’s favourite. I look forward to printing this for her in a gorgeous enlargement. My Professional Lab creates the most beautiful prints with the deep, luxurious colours. Each family session includes small and large prints so you get all of your prints beautifully printed as well as have them in digital format to share and reprint when you would like. It’s the best of both worlds!

Sunset Family Photography

Sunset Family PhotographySunset Family Photography

Littles are never too old for snuggles and tickles <3Sunset Family PhotographyIf you are interested in scheduling your outdoor family photography session, please do not hesitate to contact me via email ( ) or by phone at 519-717-7002 or follow the “contact” section at the top of the page. If you do send me a message, be sure to check your junk mail box. Family sessions are limited to the season and continue to photograph until snow (or in the snow if you’d like!!) Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see our most recent photo posts!

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Sweet Baby E | 4 days new { Burlington Newborn Photographer }

Baby E’s Newborn Session  |  Burlington Newborn Photographer

There is nothing more flattering than when clients tell their family and friends about you and your work.  As an artist, it is the highest form of a compliment. Sending your family or friends to me for photos after you have experienced your own session is downright amazing.  Baby E’s auntie gifted this newborn session to her and her parents upon her arrival into this world.  Her auntie excitedly emailed me saying he niece was going to be born any moment and she would like to book a newborn session for her as a gift to her family.  I was flattered and so excited!  We quickly scheduled a session date as her mama and daddy were well in tune with the fact that Baby E was very alert for a brand new baby. They came in on day four – which is just about as early as I will hold a newborn session.  As a newborn photographer, being trusted with a brand new wee baby and having the chance to capture those first family photos is such a wonderful feeling.  Giving a family the gift of their first official new family photo is one of my favourite parts of this job.

Here are some of my favourite images from Baby E’s newborn photography session:


ACK. How beautiful is this mama?! I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to capture these images. I hope her and her daughter can look back on them forever and cherish these images. I so badly wish I had photos of my mama and myself within the first few days of my life.  These images are heirlooms.



The above photo is one of my absolutely favourite family images I have ever taken during a newborn session. It kind of happened by accident (the angle) but I love it so much and now try to recreate it with every session I have.


This is my favourite daddy and baby newborn pose…especially when he just goes ahead and kisses baby’s sweet little head <3



We call this newborn pose “potato sack” pose and they are just that…sacks of potatoes. She has many wraps around her and she’s stuffed in there all warm and cozy. Babies love being wrapped up nice and tightly, recreating the feeling of the womb.  I also love how you can see their entire faces in this pose. It’s a great way to show off their sweet features.
Beautiful headband by Myrtle & Moss Props


Potato sack poseBurlington_newborn_photographer_012

Mama requested pinks and purples for this little girl’s session, so we customized her entire session to include items just for her. Each newborn photography session is unique based on the colours, poses and props families request.
Purple knit set by Noa’s Knits
Curly fur layer by Buttercup Baby



So, baby rolls are one of my ultimate favourite things that I capture…I seriously loves me a squished up baby all rolly and delicious. Along with that are the little “milk bubbles” that form on a baby’s nose…they are tiny white bumps and I love when babies have them. This little girl had both rolls and bumps. She is so darn beautiful.


This sweet baby had the most beautiful skin ever!
Headband by Myrtle & Moss Props
Curly layer by Buttercup Baby Props


This family brought in some old family items to use in their session. Babar above was dad’s toy when he was a boy. It’s so neat to see the items being handed down to the next generation. I’m not going to lie, I have stuffies from when I was child but my own children are not allowed to use them….I’m still a little attached.  I did give my daughter my musical Minnie Mouse and a jewellery box but I may or may not police those items and keep them a little higher up on the shelf than some other items she’s allowed to touch.

Burlington_newborn_photographer_021Okay. This above pose is not my usual style of posing, but there is a great story that goes along with it. Part of the items this girl’s mama brought along was her own baby book filled with images from when she was a baby. One of them include a photos of mama eyes open, head on hands and looking at the camera. This same blanket was over top of her. I told mom I don’t think I could get an image like that since she was probably closer to 6 or 8 weeks in that photo, and that baby’s head probably isn’t strong enough, etc.  We ended with me attempting the head lying on hands pose where baby lays peacefully with their head on top of their hands. Except this little FOUR day old girl was WIDE awake and was not going back to sleep any time soon. Mom was sitting right beside her and was supporting her and when I tried to get her a little more in place to see if she’d close those peepers and drift off into dream land…this happened. We (accidentally) recreated the image just as mama wanted.  It’s kind of fun and although I’m no “Canadian Baby” photographer this is a pretty good replica for mom and grandma to enjoy!

If you are interested in scheduling a newborn session, be sure to contact me via the “contact” link above or by emailing or calling 519-717-7002. Only limited sessions are taken each month, so book ahead to avoid disappointment. We are a Paris, ON based newborn photography studio serving Paris, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener / Waterloo, Cambridge and South-Western Ontario. All newborn photography sessions are custom designed to include your preferred colours, poses and props! Family and / or baby only sessions are available.

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