Baby A Turns One | First Birthday Cake Smash {Kitchener Cake Smash Photographer}

First Birthday Cake Smash  |  Kitchener Cake Smash Photographer

Some sessions are a bit more memorable than others. That’s not to say I don’t remember ever single client I’ve had – because I do!! Believe it or not, I really really do. I may not remember dad’s first name, but I remember the faces of my clients and the moments that we spent together.  This sweet girl is so adorable I don’t think I could forget her amazing smiles or her sweet but somewhat sassy personality.  I couldn’t forget her lovely parents who were so amazing throughout the whole thing.  This birthday cake smash session ended up being amazing…but it didn’t necessarily start that way. Oh no….it started a little differently.

I will also remember this amazingly fun first birthday cake smash session because my studio flooded (LIKE WATER WATER EVERYWHERE….FLOODED) about five minutes before we were set to begin our session. It FLOODED. I had set up the majority of what I would need for the session and had everything ready to go. The rain was pouring down and my husband and I were standing upstairs chatting away and watching the water spew out of our neighbour’s downspout. We were giggling and joking our car was going to float away in the lake that had become our road.  Then, I decided to go down to the studio (which is in the basement of our home) and then I saw it: The giant puddle of water at the bottom of the stairs. We have had water there before in big rain storms but we hadn’t in so long that it didn’t even cross our mind. I screamed (insert frantic panic here as my equipment and everything is down there) to my husband to come heeellllp. He ran down to check it out and I ran up to get towels. I grabbed two thinking it was small and he yelled back up it was throughout the ENTIRE basement.  Thankfully my computer was saved and we caught my light just in time and my camera gear was on top of a shelf. It covered all 20 feet across and was being soaked up into the walls. My heart sank. I lost a couple of backdrops and floor drops, but overall I was so lucky. We have some construction to finish on the walls, but realistically it could have been so.much.worse.

Cue family coming to the door in this insane storm about five minutes later. My husband was still downstairs sopping up water. We ended up needing far more than two towels and went through every single towel in the house (I had just said I finished the laundry, too….I should have known better…). I greeted them outside with an umbrella and we walked into the house where I looked at them and broke the bad news that my studio was under water.  They had traveled almost an hour, there was a cake begging to be eaten and the rain wasn’t letting up.  We decided to continue with the session by having me move what I could upstairs to my kitchen. It was completely unplanned and not at all where I would normally hold a session, but it did the trick! It took some time and patience but my wonderful clients stuck through it all and we managed to have a really fun and super cute first birthday cake smash session. Although the story behind the images is quite long, the photos speak for themselves….this session was so cute.  By the end, we were all happy and I am so thankful they were that understanding about everything. There’s nothing better than a session that ends in a round of hugs for all!

Here are some of my favourites from Baby A’s first birthday cake smash session:


Baby A’s mom told me she loved this outfit and set up. Thankfully I had an extra dark wood floor (my regular one got destroyed by the flood) and we could still make her vision a reality. My husband makes these beds (!!!) and I knit the outfits with my shop Noa’s Knits. The uber talent Myrtle & Moss Props made the headband. This whole outfit and set up is just adorable and Baby A looked super sweet in it.


I was editing these on a Monday and just thought, well…if this adorableness can’t cheer up a Monday then nothing can <3


ACK! That face though….so sweet….she looks like a little doll.


Getting this bonnet on and keeping it on for longer than 10 seconds was tough. It’s a serious art getting hats on older babies. The struggle is real.


Okay. I love everything about this. It makes my heart happy. I love customizing sets to suit the parent’s style. Mama wanted something more classic and subtle instead of the more bright and colourful birthday set up.
Outfit & headband by Pup & Frank
Curly rug layers by Buttercup Baby


This face of sheer joy was over bubbles. Who doesn’t love bubbles?!?


This gorgeous cake wasn’t the highlight of her day….she preferred the bubbles more than anything but dad was happy to help her out with the cake <3


She was over the cake, so cue dad blowing more bubbles…honestly, these are from Walmart. The best.bubbles.ever.EVER.


Hehe I love toes in cake icing. Simple yet it says it all.

kitchener_cake_smash_photographer_018Once again, we made the most out of a crazy and freakish situation and I’m so glad we did! This session turned out beautifully.  Happiest of Happy Birthdays to Miss A.

If you are interested in booking a first birthday cake smash session it is best to do so as far in advance as possible in order to customize your cake, outfit and backdrop preferences (we do accommodate last minute bookings as we have TONS of designs and outfits here already. We design the entire session together from start to finish! Mini and full cake smash sessions are available in our newly refurbished home-studio any time of year.

For more information, please send me a message by clicking on the “contact” link above or by emailing me or call 519-717-7002. We specialize in child and family photography, as well as maternity, newborns and head shots.

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Lavender Field Maternity Session | Kitchener Maternity Photographer

Sunset at the Lavender Field. 34 weeks   |    Kitchener & area Maternity Photographer

A large part of the world of photographing families outdoors is finding amazing locations.  Part of my job is to make suggestions of fabulous photography locations.  I drive around and scout out new places that will work as a stunning backdrop to the photos. I talk to people who own farms and lovely spots. I knock on doors and take risks to use properties that catch my eye. I always have a few ideas at the back of my head for future sessions.  But the truth is, I can photograph just about anywhere. It doesn’t matter what is surrounding people because the most important thing is to capture the connection between my subjects and to find spaces with gorgeous lighting.  Some families prefer flowers or trees or a more rustic look. But the truth of the matter is, the light is by far the most important thing you can have in a photo.  Without good lighting, the session is just meh.  People can look shadowy or have green tones. I’m picky about my lighting, and I am the first to say that something won’t work if I don’t love the light.  I believe I attract people to my photos because of the lighting that they see (although they might not realize that is the key ingredient).

For this session, we traveled to a gorgeous farm in Ayr called The Lavender Farm.  Family owned, this farm produces gorgeous lavender and has a stunning property to use. But beyond that, the sunsets are perfection. Like sheer perfection. It doesn’t get much better than this.  This location takes “Golden hour” to a whole other element.  This amazing couple wanted their maternity photographs taken somewhere with a little pizzazz, and I think we found it here!

Brant maternity photography

During the right time of year, the lavender is a brilliant purple colour. This year it wasn’t quite as vibrant as it can be because it was just so darn hot and dry. But it still looks pretty amazing.

Brant maternity photography

I can’t wait to meet and photograph the little baby girl in there! It won’t be long before she arrives.

Brant maternity photographyBrant maternity photographyBrant maternity photography

Brant maternity photographyI love when all I have to do is ask people to hold hands and walk toward me. The connection between a loving couple is just so beautiful to photograph.

Brant maternity photography

Brant maternity photographyBrant maternity photography

Brant maternity photography

The above image is my absolute favourite from our session. I just love it.

Brant maternity photographyIf you are interested in scheduling a maternity and / or newborn photography session, please contact us via email at or follow the “contact” link above. Feel free to call or text 519-717-7002 to speak with me directly!
Be sure to ask about our maternity mini session special. With the booking for a Regular or Full Newborn session receive a complimentary 20 minute maternity session with 4 digital images of your choice. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with each other before your baby arrives and to capture such a wonderful and special time in your lives.
We specialize in outdoor maternity, child and family imagery, as well as in-studio newborn and child photography. Newborn sessions are taken in limited numbers for each month so be sure to book early to secure your session spot.

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Sweet Silly Seven Months | Kitchener Baby Photographer

Sweet and Silly Baby S – 7 months old | Kitchener Baby Photographer

To be honest, I used to find this age a little bit crazy. Babies at “sitter” age (when they can sit up on their own…so about 6-9 months or so) are slightly unpredictable. Sometimes they can crawl. Sometimes they cry. A lot. Sometimes they are big smiles. Sometimes they play shy to strangers. Sometimes they just look at me with no expression whatsoever.  But honestly, after having my own babies and realizing what an amazing age this is and how fun they are when they have those big smiles and amazing expressions, I feel this is an age that NEEDS to be captured.

Being a baby photographer is always full of surprises, and I’m so thrilled to photograph sitter baby sessions. These are quickly becoming my favourite age to photograph. Honestly, the older babies are stealing my heart away. The laughs, giggles and yes…the unpredictability of it all is quite a challenge.  I play a lot of peek-a-boo and make crazy noises and we get this goodness right here.  Here are just a FEW of my many favourites from this sweet girl’s older baby session:


See….I mean, how cute is this face? The nose scrunch is just so stinkin cute!
Set up of rug, headband & wrap by the amazing Luneberry



I like to think many years from now there will be lots and lots of my photos being shown during wedding slide shows. I hope my images get lots of “awwwwws” from the crowd and slightly embarrass the bride or groom!
Bed by Noa’s Knits


I think she looks like a little Cabbage Patch Doll – she’s so perfectly adorable!
Headband by the uber talented Myrtle & Moss


These next few photos make my heart so happy. She was content and all smiles so we kept on going during her session (we kind of let baby decide how many set ups and outfits we will get through). I’m so thankful she was happy to let us dress her up one more time and to try out this sweet little set.
Romper & Bonnet by Noa’s Knits
Fur, bowl & headband by Myrtle & Moss

Sitter_photography_kitchcner_007Sitter_photography_kitchcner_008Sitter_photography_kitchcner_009Well, they don’t get much sweeter than that! I had so much fun capturing this adorable milestone. Next up will be her first birthday!!

If you are interested in booking an older baby mini session or a baby milestone session, please contact Kelly today! We are always booking mini sessions or a special one-day event for older baby minis with special pricing will be held Thursday, September 15th, 2016 with in-studio and outdoor session spots.
Please email or follow the “contact” section to our website or call / text 519-717-7002 for more information.
Be sure to visit us on Facebook for more information about older baby mini sessions. Kitchener Baby Photographer and surrounding areas. Located in Paris, ON serving Cambridge, KW, Brantford & Brant County, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and more!

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Baby Milestone Photography | Six Month Photographer Kitchener, ON

Baby Milestone Photography – Kitchener Baby Photographer

Sometimes people will ask me what my favourite type of session to photograph is. My answer varies. To be honest, I just love newborns, babies and families so much it is impossible to split them apart and pick a downright favourite. However, older baby milestone sessions are quickly becoming a photo session that puts a smile on my face.  I think this is a stage that NEEDS to be captured. I love this age…when baby is sitting up, all full of smiles and bright eyes but they don’t move so quickly where every time you try to photograph them it’s just a blurry ball of motion.  Baby Milestone Photography is so darn precious.  Sessions are much shorter in length than a newborn but the images are so darn sweet. I love the personality that shines through in these babies. Milestone sessions aren’t about an exact AGE (they don’t have to take place right at six months or right at eight months) but more about the STAGE.  When your baby is able to sit up well, and is steady enough to look around and look up and to balance on small props without toppling over head first, they are ready.  Baby milestone photography is too precious and the images are too lovely to miss!

Here is little Miss Violet’s eight month baby milestone photography session.
We opted to go outdoors since the weather has been so nice and warm lately and to give them a little bit different of a feel:

baby_milestone_photography_001This sweet little romper and bed are made by Noa’s Knits Photography Props.


Ahhh this photo makes my heart so happy! Just sheer joy.


I love the toothy little grins that older babies have…those little teefers showing through are so darn cute!



baby_milestone_photography_009This bonnet is also by Noa’s Knits Photography Props.

baby_milestone_photography_010This last photos is quite possibly my favourite. I love the amazing facial expression and the silly joy on her face. The crinkle nose and the closed eyes make my soul happy.

If you are interested in booking an older baby milestone photography session, we are currently booking Older Baby Minis for June 20th. Or, we offer mini sessions that are open for bookings any day. To see our most up to date images and specials follow up on Facebook. Along with Older Baby Photography, we also specialize in newborn photography, outdoor family photography, and maternity sessions. We are located in Paris, ON and serve Brant County, KW, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and will travel throughout South Western Ontario for outdoor photography sessions.  Thank you for stopping by and we hope you will leave a comment and come back again soon.

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Outdoor Family Photos | { Paris Family Photographer }!!

Outdoor Family Photos | Welcome Spring….we have missed you.

This weather. Thank. Goodness. Spring is HERE! Here. Yes it is finally here! I think I can finally state that spring is here for the staying and that our outdoor family photo sessions have begun! Outdoor family photos make my heart happy. I adore how families get to be themselves…they get to play and have fun in the outdoor setting.  My job is to capture the natural interactions of families. I like to give a little direction then capture the fun that follows.  The natural smiles, the real snuggles and love radiate through the images.

For Everly’s first birthday, her family opted to head to the great outdoors for a fun session! Everly is one of my “Baby’s First Year” babies this year. She has been coming to me since her newborn session and this makes the fourth and final session in her program. Along with the four sessions, the package includes an adorable little album with their favourites from the year. I cannot wait to get to design their album and see the year come together!

Here are my favourites from Everly’s Outdoor Family Photos:

Outdoor birthday photography

The pretty birthday girl is so darn happy! I love her two little bottom teeth showing through….so adorable!!

Outdoor birthday photography

I make families toss toddlers around until their muscles burn…who needs to pump iron when you have babies to lift?

Outdoor birthday photography

One, two, three swiiing! Then…the smiles follow <3

Outdoor birthday photographyOutdoor birthday photography

After we managed to get the kiddos to pause from swinging for one posed traditional family photo, Big Brother wanted to swing again…so swing he did!

Outdoor birthday photography

Squeeeee. Melt my heart.

Outdoor birthday photography

There is so much love that exudes from this family. It makes my job quite easy and makes me beyond happy I get to capture these moments.

Outdoor birthday photography

Outdoor birthday photography

Someone was intrigued with mommy’s necklace.

Outdoor birthday photography

When we are able to go outside for outdoor family photos it gives the children and families a chance to run around and be themselves.  When they try to crawl or run away I can just chase them around and even in their mad fury of avoiding the camera and exploring the world I get to capture some seriously fun and adorable images in the process.

If you are interested in booking an outdoor family photo session this spring, summer, or fall sessions are booking now for dates in May through to November. Weekend dates are limited, so please book in advance if you require a weekend date. Sessions are held  from late-afternoon to as close to sunset as possible for the prettiest darn light available.  To inquire about your outdoor child / family / extended family session, please send an email to or call 519-717-7002.  Be sure to join us on Facebook for all of our up to date images!

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