Nine Month Older Baby Session | { Kitchener Baby Photography }

I love photographing an older baby photo session!
This little girl is so darn adorable. If you are curious as to what a baby super-mini session looks like, this blog post outlines exactly what seven images from a baby session could be!
This session took about 30 minutes of photographing and we managed to get a few different props to use and ended up with some GORGEOUS images with a great variety.

Older baby sessions are one of my favourites to photograph. It is an amazing milestone where they sit (mostly) still and have lovely big smiles for the camera!  They are just so darn sweet at this age! Here is Miss V at nine months old looking so very lovely!


This amazing rug, wrap and headband by Luneberry Props.


This cute lamb hat & quilt from Pup & Frank Photography Props.


Oh this face! I just adored having the opportunity to photograph this session!

An older baby photography session are so sweet and special. If you are interested in having your older baby photographed please consider a super mini or mini session.  There are many prop and backdrop options available to choose from and our sessions are customized based on your preferences.
Be sure to visit us on  Facebook to stay up to date on the latest images!

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First Birthday Photos | Adalyn Turns ONE!!

I love first birthday photos. These sessions make me happy – all the smiles, the clapping, the crawling around all over. I chase babies, mom leaves sweating because she’s getting baby and putting them back into place for me (if I move, by the time I get back into my spot the baby is gone and I’ve missed it all so mama often has to run around like a crazy lady for me lol). First birthday photos are so fun. It’s a milestone that should be captured and remembered. This age is joyous and just like when they are brand spankin new, you never get the nose scrunch and the little teeth growing in smiles again.  This milestone is so fabulous so if your baby is coming up on their first birthday, be sure to capture this moment with first birthday photos that capture the innocence and this amazing moment in your child’s life!


I love how older babies love to sit on chairs. It’s like they feel like such big kids up there on the chair. I always get big smiles and hand claps when they are up there! Mom or dad stay so close and baby is never in danger of falling off because mom is less than an arms length away 🙂


She was so happy to be wearing these pearls. Adorable!


This one is my favourite. When the giggles get so big that the nose scrunches and the eyes close. It makes my heart so happy!


Here’s a fun game. Try taking your one year old baby and put them onto their back. See how long it takes them to flip over and crawl away. Yup. That is the amount of time that I had to capture this photo. It took a few tries, but with mama swinging baby for smiles then putting her down, and a quick trigger finger, we got this adorable image.


I always strive to get a “looking up” photo. It is just so sweet and innocent. There doesn’t have to be a smile, but those big eyes looking up at me say it all 🙂

If you are interested in booking your child’s first birthday photos with us, please use the contact form via this website or email or call 519-717-7002.  Sessions can take place in studio or outdoors. First birthday photos can also include a cake smash. For a full price list, see “prices” or email me for a full PDF.

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Sweet Family Photo Session | The Arboretum

I used to live in Guelph. I went to school there and spent five amazing years in that awesome city.  All the time I spent on the University campus, I barely ever went to The Arboretum. I missed out on such a beautiful spot. I had gone through The Arboretum while running but I had never stopped to actually enjoy this amazing place. I went there for the first time with a family for a family photo session a few years ago and I loved it there! The surroundings are amazing. It is full of unique trees and plants (actually, fun fact….the Arboretum actually contains baby trees grown with seeds used from the Flowering Tulip Poplar tree growing in our backyard!!) and it has some beautiful little spots in it. For this outdoor family photo session we decided to go to the Arboretum to take in some of it’s beauty and uniqueness.

Here are a few of my favourites from our family photo session!

Outdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family PhotographyOutdoor Family Photography

If you are interested in booking an outdoor on in-studio family photo session, please contact me via email at or by phone at 519-717-7002 . Be sure to visit our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the latest images and specials!

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Newborn Photography | Baby Jack 15 days new { Brantford Baby Photographer }

As with every fall, the outdoor sessions begin to pick up and the studio sessions take a back seat.  It was a breath of fresh air (or 30 degree air, technically speaking) to get back in the studio for a newborn photography session.  Baby Jack is downright adorable, and his newborn photos turned out so well! For this newborn photography mini session, mom requested neutrals with a touch of blue. Together, we decided on grey, cream & blue for Jack’s colours. Newborn photography involves a lot of planning and I put a lot of effort into getting set ups ready and making sure everything flows and goes together nicely. My goal with newborn photography or with any session, is that it will compliment your home living space as well as your personal style and my own photographic style.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Jack’s newborn photography mini session:


I got about 20 of these big ol yawns before he settled down and gave into the warmth and the white noise. Some babies fight me on sleep…but I always win…


Bonnet by Noa’s Knits


I love the little grin he gave me in the above photo!


Bonnet also by Noa’s Knits


I adore this angle – I love the profile images!


If you are interested in holding a newborn photograph portrait session with me, please contact me via email at or phone at 519-717-7002 to book your appointment. It is never too early to schedule your newborn session. Booking before baby is born helps ensure you will be able to book a date with your favourite photographer!  Along with newborns, we also specialize in maternity, older baby milestone sessions, birthday and cake smash sessions and family photography.

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Fall Family Photography | The ‘D’ Family { Burlington Outdoor Family Photography }

Fall Family Photography is my utmost favourite! I love this time of year. I love the smell of the crisp air. I love sweater weather. I love the colours; coolness and warmth all at the same time.  Autumn is just an amazing time of year. September to November always prove busy for outdoor fall family photographers and that is just fine by me! Being outside, running around with the children and getting the opportunity to work with some of the best families around!  My clients and I always seem to have fun.  The weather is sometimes unpredictable but in an outdoor space that provides a stunning backdrop and that gives the kids a ton of space to run, explore and even sometimes get a little lost (they always come back!), you just cannot beat fall family photos.

This fall family photo session was a blast.  I think I smiled the entire time, and there were a ton of laughs. I left feeling like I had just finished photographing good friends.  Here are a few of my favoutites from The D Family’s outdoor fall family photography session:


I hear it from mom’s all the time: “I’m the one taking the photos, I’m never in any”…and that was just the case for this mama. She was thrilled to actually be part of the photo session and is happy to have images to display and show her boys that include her in them as well.


Dad managed to get some big smiles and laughs out of his boys!

Outdoor_Family_SessionOutdoor_Family_SessionOutdoor_Family_SessionOutdoor_Family_SessionThese three boys are so darn handsome!! They did an amazing job during this session.


Once in awhile, as a photographer, there is an image that I capture and right away know I’m going to love it. As soon as I clicked the shutter, I knew this would be one of my favourites. I am not quite sure why, but this moment of sheer joy this boy had is just amazing. This photo makes my heart happy.


One of my favourite ages is when kids start losing all of their teeth. The toothy smiles are amazing.


Another one of my personal favourites. His smoosh face is just adorable.


Mama has boys that are rough and tough and love to run around (they were doing laps around the orchard between photos), but they are still so sweet and loved being with each other. These smiles are 100% genuine – I just had to ask them to snuggle in close and this is what I got!



LITERALLY….running laps between images!!
The lighting and the clouds was amazing. It had been raining about 45 minutes before our session started. Mom & I went back and forth all day debating on the time, should we go through with the session, etc., and I’m so glad we agreed to hold the session even with the threat of rain because the lighting was divine.


This face <3


And this one!  I can’t get enough of these adorable boys!


More often than not, when I ask mom & dad if they would like a photo of just the two of them they respond with, “we haven’t had a photo of just us taken since our wedding”. I love ending with a parent photo. The funniest part is, and it NEVER fails, no matter how “done” the kids are and how much they don’t want any more photos, when they see mom & dad posing for a photo they always run in and want to be part of it!

Thank you, D Family, for the amazingly fun fall family photography session. I’m glad the weather was on our side and I love how it all turned out.

If you are interested in booking a fall family photography session, or another style of session, please contact me (Kelly) at 519-717-7002 or by email at . I specialize in outdoor family and child photography, as well as maternity, newborn, studio child milestone and birthday sessions.  There are a few dates left to book in October and I am booking throughout November and into the New Year for newborns, child and family studio sessions. Be sure to join us on Facebook for our latest photos and specials!

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