Apple Orchard Family Sessions { Fall Family Photography, Hamilton, ON }

This warm fall weather we have been having has made for some fantastic photography!  Outdoor fall family photography sessions are my FAVOURITE! Like, I love them the most the most. This fall, although the rain has been a little bit of a pain thus far with some rainy days in the forecast, overall it has really been warm and sunny for the most part. For our apple orchard mini sessions in St. George last weekend, we had the most amazing weather!

This mama isn’t on Facebook, so I wanted to share her sneak peek on my blog.
When these gorgeous children walked up to me that evening, I died a little inside. How adorable are they? Seriously?!?!?!? And well-behaved!! AND they LIKE EACH OTHER.
It was a pleasure to photograph them FINALLY after many many months (to put it mildly) of trying to find a date and having the weather on our side!



If you are interested in booking an outdoor fall family photography session, do not hesitate to contact me as spaces are very limited throughout the remainder October. Weekday dates are available with few weekend dates available at this time. More Apple Orchard sessions are being booked on Sunday, Sept. 4th. Please contact me (Kelly) via email at or phone at 519-717-7002 for more details today! Also, be sure to join us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with openings and specials!

Kelly - LOL – I will have your gallery within the next couple of days!!

Cathy - Oh wow, I didn’t realize a family shot was added. Looks great. Can’t wait to see the rest.

Cathy - I just love those three sweet faces!

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Baby Emily | 7 days new { Kitchener Baby Photography }

Sweet Baby Emily.  Only one week old in these photos, this gorgeous baby girl was extra special for me to photograph.  She just happens to belong to dear friends of mine, and makes baby #3 I have had the honour to capture at such a young age.  Her mama and I were chatting about how much my work has changed since big brothers were photographed over 5 & 3 years ago! It’s quite crazy, really.  As a photographer, sometimes with baby photography or any photography, you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere fast enough and that your images are just the same as they always were. Then you look back and realize how much has change and how far you have come.  Baby photography requires such attention to detail and over time I have become pretty darn picky!  The only problem is that sometimes baby doesn’t appreciate you trying to move them and place their hands here or there….often (believe it or not…) babies have a mind of their own, and big personalities, even at only a week or so old.

Miss Emily was a treat, but she did protest to a few different poses and liked her hands “just so”. But, with the heater and white noise machine pumping, she eventually gave in and allowed me to capture some pretty sweet images.  Being the only girl, mom wanted neutral but still girlie images. Here are a few of my favourite photos from Emily’s baby photography session.


I just cannot get over those eye lashes and that pretty little mouth! I did not enhance the colour of her lips at all…that is all natural. She’s just so beautiful already!!



She just happened to be coming in the same weekend as the annual Paris Antique Show – and I scored this ah-mazing bucket! It’s a stunning well bucket and I am so happy mama wanted to use it for our session! Eeeep.

Blanket made by Noa’s Knits
Headband by Dear Felicity


Again…those lips and eyelashes. Ack. Good thing she has two older brothers!


Emily’s room is purple, so when mom saw this wrap among my giant wrap collection, she requested it! That is the beauty of custom baby photography, is you get a huge variety of prop choices in colours that suit your style and decor. When booking baby photography sessions, I always ask about colour preference, decor in the bedroom, if you like props, etc. to customize it to your and your baby. Every session is just a little bit different.


Bum up in the air with baby on their belly is my utmost favourite newborn baby photography pose. It showcases baby’s whole face so nicely, and there is only so long in a child’s life that photos of their bare bum is this stinkin adorable. The image above, is my favourite angle of my favourite pose. Mom didn’t end up LOVING the bum in the air image that I included below, but DID love the baby back rolls (seriously though, who doesn’t?!?!) and she did love the wrap image.  Even though this is the same pose, there are three very different angles and images of baby here.


Mom also loved this lace wrap. I have sets ready to go for when clients arrive for their session, but I love when moms and dads say they prefer this prop or that prop. I always go right for it and start using it during our session. The studio may look like a tornado went through it by the end of the session, but that is what baby photography is all about….a huge mess, a ton of sweat (and sometimes a few tears) and in the end, absolutely beautiful custom images that showcase your baby in a simple yet beautiful way.

If you are interested in booking a newborn baby photography session, I am located in Paris, Ontario in my in-home studio space.  Our newborn baby photography packages begin at $275 and all packages include digital files from your session – and YOU get to choose your favourites from a large selection in an online gallery. To book your custom newborn baby photography session, please contact me (Kelly) via email at or phone at 519-717-7002  – or follow the CONTACT link on the menu at the top of this page to send me an email through my website. Baby photography sessions are best when booked within the first 5-12 days of life, when possible. Limited spaces are available each month, so booking prior to baby’s arrival is always recommended but it is not impossible in the slightest to book afterwards. All props are provided by me, but you may also bring something special to you for your session as well. I look forward to having the opportunity to capture such a special time in your life.

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Brant County Newborn Photography { Baby E – 10 days new }

It has been the year of girl babies in the studio for newborn photography sessions!! I mean, I would say about 80% of my babies this year have been girls.  It’s pretty spectacular.  Two years ago, it was all boys….kind of neat how it goes in waves!  This sweet little girl was so good to me. Her mini session was a quick one.

Mom wanted lots of neutral colours and simple posing and that is just what we did, plus I’m always in love with simple when it comes to babies. I try to keep poses fairly simple (although do not confuse this with me not being picky, because each pose has to be just right and baby’s fingers get moved and their heads, faces, etc. to be positioned as well as possible) and I love simple props.  I’m a knitter and actually run a knit shop for photographers. If you haven’t seen it, please take a peek at Noa’s Knits! If I’m not using simple knits, I’m loving tie backs from Dear Felicity and adorable little bonnets from Pup and Frank. Both are amazing vendors (and they’re Canadian! Whoot).

Enough about props, and onto the photos. Here are a few favourites from Baby E’s session:

Hamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby Photography

I love older sibling photos. They are always so excited to have the chance to hold and snuggle with baby! Big sister took her snuggle job very seriously and was so gentle.

Hamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyHamilton Baby PhotographyIf you are intereseted in booking a newborn session or any other type of session with us, please be sure to send us an email at or give us a call at 519-717-7002. You can also follow the “CONTACT” link above. Newborn session spaces are limited. We also specialize in child, family and maternity photography both in studio and outdoors on location.

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Brantford Newborn Photographer – { Little A, 12 days new }

Baby A came to visit me for his “I’m Brand Spankin New and Adorable” photo session….oh, also known as Newborn Photography (haha). He is one gorgeous baby!

He was very well behaved for me. He didn’t even pee on me, or my stuff (but he did get mom pretty good…sorry about that!!)  This little mini session was just the perfect amount of time for him, because at the end, those little peepers opened right up and didn’t want to close again. Bring in some wrapping magic, and he was out cold for some sweet swaddle photos.  I love being able to capture newborn images for families.  This time goes by far too quickly and these baby photographs are a tiny snippet in time showcasing their newness. Plus, I loves me some baby snuggles!

Here are a few of my favourites from our session together!

Ontario baby photogapher

Super cute romper & bonnet by Noa’s Knits

Ontario baby photogapherOntario baby photogapherOntario baby photogapher

This grey bonnet is also by Noa’s Knits

Ontario baby photogapherOntario baby photogapherOntario baby photogapher

Thank you for coming to visit me, Mr. A!

If you are interested in holding a newborn photography session and live in the Brantford / Brant area, or anywhere in Southern Ontario, please contact Kelly (that’s ME!) via email at or phone at 519-717-7002. I also specialize in maternity, older baby, child and family photography. Sessions take place at my in-home studio located in Paris, ON or on location! Contact me for details or see more information on my “investment” page here on my blog!

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The Madden Family { A little outdoor urban family photography! Guelph, ON }

Looking through these images makes me feel nothing short of….well….old!  Let me explain. See this sweet little girl in the images here? Well, I’ve been photographing her since before she was born. Yup. In utero was her very first photo session with me. Now, here we are….far too many years later (almost FIVE….FIVE YEARS that have just FLOWN by!!) and she’s so big. And the boy? Well, he wasn’t even 3 when I met him for the first time. Even then: little boy, big personality!! We have had many a photo session in the past, so for this one we kind of went a little something different and this awesome family opted for a more outdoor urban family photography feel to their session!

Usually I’m a rustic gal. Have a big old field? Let me bring a couch and photograph you there!  A rusty old barn falling apart? Beautiful goodness…I can work with that.  So when mom said something along the lines of, “we are thinking of something different, more urban feeling….” I kind of went GULP. Ooooooh ok. Then I figured, just go with it! With a fun family, what have we got to lose?!

Turns out, I kind of really loved the urban feel. Heading out for some outdoor urban family photography turned out to be outdoor photography goodness, just in a different way. I got to look for neat textures in different spots. From the cool walls of the River Run Centre in Guelph, ON, to the metal fences around the waterway and some neat old concrete stairs. Then, onto a sweet concrete bridge. Needless to say, there is far more grey in this session than I have ever photographed outdoors before but it’s like mom new and coordinated their outfits perfectly to match!

Well folks, here it is. One of my first FULL outdoor urban family photography sessions with one of my most favourite families I have the honour to photograph:


These kids. Their faces. Gah. They just kill me. So so so sweet and beautiful!


Okay, so I snuck in just a wee bit of rustic goodness…I couldn’t help it! Old wood has to be photographed on LOL.


Me: “Okay, E…serious face”.
E: this look.
Ha! amazing!!


I wish I would have taken a video of everyone trying to hop up onto this platform. It doesn’t seem that high up in this photograph, but it is pretty high when you aren’t that tall…and three out of four people in this image just aren’t that tall. We laughed. A lot.


Loved this session! Thank you so much, family, for taking me out of my comfort zone just a little bit, and for showing the world how much beauty can be found in concrete 😉

If you are interested in booking an outdoor urban family photography session, or if you prefer something more rustic (like a field or barn with a couch and lots of trees and flowers…because I can do that too!!) please contact Kelly – that’s ME! – for more session information. September & October are filling quickly. Limited weekend dates remain, so if you are hoping for a fall session and would like me to capture it for you, please contact me in the very near future. I’m available via email at or via phone at 519-717-7002 . Thank you for stopping by and considering me for your family photographs.

Angel - Love the colours and scenery! Beautiful work as always Kelly!

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