Project 365….beginning a little late (but hey, better late than never??!?!) {Paris, ON Family Photography}

As a new mom, I have clients ask me all the time, “How many photos do you take of Liam?! Must be a lot”…well, the truth is…it’s not enough. I’m sad looking back at his first few months of life and realizing I didn’t take enough photos. I didn’t take the day to day photos of him just doing nothing…or doing something new. I also didn’t take many studio photos of him because…well…he was a bit “spirited” in the beginning and was not the happiest of happy little people new to the world. In fact, Liam isn’t a big grinner. He does giggle, but he’s pretty darn serious most of the time. I’ve grown to love this part of him unconditionally, and it just makes the smiles we DO get that much sweeter!

Mid-January I really realized, I DO NOT TAKE ENOUGH PHOTOS OF MY OWN BABY!! If I wasn’t going to take them…who was? I’ve hired other photographers to capture different photos for us (newborn, fall family photos…and I have one coming up in April I’m SO excited for) but no one but me, the one who is with him each and everyday, will take those EVER important day-to-day images I will cherish most of all when he is older. So, I made a deal with myself to take one photo of him a day (it’s USUALLY more, but at least one). This way, I will get to look back and see all the changes in him. My friend emailed me a cute little template that would be perfect for this “project” of mine….it’s the 365 project. So, I thought I would start organizing my photos into it weekly…and hey, why not BLOG about it (since another resolution was to blog more….PERFECT!!) 

Also, I should mention that I knew I wouldn’t be able to take out my professional camera and capture him each day, so I ordered a new battery charger for my little Canon Elf pocket cam and got snapping! Most of these images ARE NOT “professional” by any means…and this I know…but I just wanted to capture Liam as he is, without studio lights and such.

Here’s the beginnings of my 365 project. I KNOW I won’t blog daily, so I figure weekly is a great goal to set. I’m a tad behind since I just got this template today, so here’s weeks one and two of our “Project 365: Liam’s daily photo”

I hope you’ll enjoy watching my sweet (sometimes sour) little man grow. He’s so special to me….I really never thought being a mom would be like this….and I know life is a lot different with him, maybe even a little tougher to accomplish those errands, and such, but I can’t even really remember life before him. He has made our little family so much happier…we just feel complete with him in our lives now. It’s so cliche but I totally get all of those mushy little “mom” cliches now because they’re true to us!


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