The Madden Family { A little outdoor urban family photography! Guelph, ON }

Looking through these images makes me feel nothing short of….well….old!  Let me explain. See this sweet little girl in the images here? Well, I’ve been photographing her since before she was born. Yup. In utero was her very first photo session with me. Now, here we are….far too many years later (almost FIVE….FIVE YEARS that have just FLOWN by!!) and she’s so big. And the boy? Well, he wasn’t even 3 when I met him for the first time. Even then: little boy, big personality!! We have had many a photo session in the past, so for this one we kind of went a little something different and this awesome family opted for a more outdoor urban family photography feel to their session!

Usually I’m a rustic gal. Have a big old field? Let me bring a couch and photograph you there!  A rusty old barn falling apart? Beautiful goodness…I can work with that.  So when mom said something along the lines of, “we are thinking of something different, more urban feeling….” I kind of went GULP. Ooooooh ok. Then I figured, just go with it! With a fun family, what have we got to lose?!

Turns out, I kind of really loved the urban feel. Heading out for some outdoor urban family photography turned out to be outdoor photography goodness, just in a different way. I got to look for neat textures in different spots. From the cool walls of the River Run Centre in Guelph, ON, to the metal fences around the waterway and some neat old concrete stairs. Then, onto a sweet concrete bridge. Needless to say, there is far more grey in this session than I have ever photographed outdoors before but it’s like mom new and coordinated their outfits perfectly to match!

Well folks, here it is. One of my first FULL outdoor urban family photography sessions with one of my most favourite families I have the honour to photograph:


These kids. Their faces. Gah. They just kill me. So so so sweet and beautiful!


Okay, so I snuck in just a wee bit of rustic goodness…I couldn’t help it! Old wood has to be photographed on LOL.


Me: “Okay, E…serious face”.
E: this look.
Ha! amazing!!


I wish I would have taken a video of everyone trying to hop up onto this platform. It doesn’t seem that high up in this photograph, but it is pretty high when you aren’t that tall…and three out of four people in this image just aren’t that tall. We laughed. A lot.


Loved this session! Thank you so much, family, for taking me out of my comfort zone just a little bit, and for showing the world how much beauty can be found in concrete 😉

If you are interested in booking an outdoor urban family photography session, or if you prefer something more rustic (like a field or barn with a couch and lots of trees and flowers…because I can do that too!!) please contact Kelly – that’s ME! – for more session information. September & October are filling quickly. Limited weekend dates remain, so if you are hoping for a fall session and would like me to capture it for you, please contact me in the very near future. I’m available via email at or via phone at 519-717-7002 . Thank you for stopping by and considering me for your family photographs.

Angel - Love the colours and scenery! Beautiful work as always Kelly!

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